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474Ref Opportunities for Sat 3/30

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  • Rex Wright
    Mar 28, 2013
         Still lots of open slots for this Saturday 3/30.
         Yes, it's cloudy, but that doesn't always mean rain.  So sign up; weather changes quickly this time of year.
      In the event of rain:
      • For CUPERTINO Fields, call the hotline recording at 408-777-3566 half hour before your game (message also describes how to have it TEXT you of changes).  DO NOT play on closed fields; we do not want to lose our permits.  If the game has started before the closure, you can finish it if safe (NEVER play if lightning or thunder!).
      • For other fields, check the 2J website at https://sites.google.com/site/ayso2jfields/  for the websites or phone numbers for those cities.

      But the latest report seems to have a beautiful day, with rain pushing to Sunday.  So SIGN UP please and help the kids have a great day!

      U8 at Stevens Creek  4 slots full, 2 open:

      • CRs available at 10am, 11am

      U10 at Kennedy Track  18 slots; 9 still open

      • CRs open at 9, 1015, 1130, 1245
      • CR+1AR open at 1400
      • All three slots open at 3:15pm

      U12 at Regnart  6 slots all open

      • CR + 2AR at noon, 1:30

      And there is a SCRIMMAGE for U12B PCSSL at Kennedy Hyannisport at 4:30pm that needs a full set of refs as well.  It says "R256" but that's just a placeholder:  it's the Cupertino boys vs Mountain View.  SHould be fun for you that just had your Intermediate class.

      I also want to remind you to also look at our neighbor fields, since our kids play everywhere in the Spring.  I know Seale in Palo Alto needed refs for several games last week, so if you cannot find convenient times here, try another field!

      Thanks again for all you do,

      Rex Wright
      R35 Referee Administrator