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Area tournament and 12UB region tournament

Hello R35 referees, The AYSO fall soccer season concluded last weekend. Thank you very much to all those referees and volunteers who helped out. Area
Vijay Ragunathan
Nov 17

Pls READ: Region tournament and tomorrow games tomorrow - NEED LOT O

Rain rules:The weather is supposed to be cloudy early and then sunny tomorrow. But City of Cupertino had closed their fields yesterday. I don't think anyone in
Vijay Ragunathan
Nov 10

AYSO R35: Final weekend of the fall season and mini-tournaments

Hello, Four of the younger age groups U7B, U8B, U10G & U10B are playing mini-tournament games this week. This should be a lot of fun for the kids, parents and
Vijay Ragunathan
Nov 9

Fw: SJSRA Meeting is WEDNESDAY, 11/8 at Quinlan Center, Cupertino, s

come hear from Joe who refereed his first MLS game. I have a feeling one day he will be officiating world cup.. -Mahesh ... Sorry, I had the right date in the
Mahesh Bhagat
Nov 6

AYSO referee volunteering - here comes another opportunity

(Email sent to all R35 refs who have active arbiter accounts and/or part of yahoo groups - apologies if you receive multiple copies) Hello R35 refs, A big
Vijay Ragunathan
Oct 24

Fw: SJSRA Meeting is TUESDAY, 10/17 at Quinlan Center, Cupertino, st

Improve your ref skills event near us -Mahesh ADRI 2J ... From: "peterwfletcher@..." To: Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017
Mahesh Bhagat
Oct 12

Fw: SJSRA Meeting is TUESDAY, 9/12 at Quinlan Center Social Room, Cu

Refs, Free Monthly SJARA meeting help you expand your Ref knowledge.  -Mahesh ... From: "peterwfletcher@..." To: Sent:
Mahesh Bhagat
Sep 9

Fall season sign-up and Returning ref meeting

Hello fellow AYSO referees, The AYSO Fall soccer season is about to begin. The first Core/Recreational games start this Saturday (9/9/17). Annual volunteer
Vijay Ragunathan
Sep 5

AYSO Volunteer registration & Returning referee meeting

Hello fellow refs, Thank you for volunteering to be an AYSO referee. Hope you are having a good summer. The fall 2017 soccer season is less than a month away.
Vijay Ragunathan
Aug 10

Fw: SJSRA Meeting is TUESDAY, 8/8 at Quinlan Center, Cupertino, star

Refs, Hope you are enjoying summer vacation.  If you are in town please use this monthly opportunity right near our home in Quinlan center. No cost to attend
Mahesh Bhagat
Aug 6

Re: R35 "Micro-tournament" this Saturday 20 May. Refs, we need LOTS

Hello Referees, There are 82 referee slots that are still open for the FINAL WEEKEND of the AYSO R35 CORE Season (this Saturday i.e. 5/20). Most of the games
Vijay Ragunathan
May 18

AYSO referee slots to fill in Region 35 (R35) home CORE games this w

Hi fellow Ref, We had very good referee coverage for R35 core games last weekend despite a tournament in Pacifica. Only 1 U7B and 2 U8G games did not have
Vijay Ragunathan
May 10

AYSO R35 Referee openings for core games on 03/18

Hello Ref Volunteers, Most of the first full week of games (actually second week for many divisions) have now been uploaded to arbitersports. Big thanks to the
Vijay Ragunathan
Mar 16

Follow-up email for First weekend of AYSO Cupertino Spring Soccer (0

(email going out to the two ayso 35 ref yahoo groups, ayso 35 refs with arbiter accounts, most division managers, and some admins - apologies if you get
Mar 10

AVAYA exhibition Lynbrook HS varsity Women vs. San Ramon Valley Sat

Refs, Free High school games at Avaya stadium this saturday. Note Monta Vista varsity Boys are playing the third game if you want to experience avaya
Mahesh Bhagat
Dec 15, 2016
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