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Fwd: [MidBards] (Midrealm) Bardic Madness challenges

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      Subject: [MidBards] (Midrealm) Bardic Madness challenges

      The restraints have been fashionied and the holding cells prepared. Yes,
      it's time once again for the Midrealm edition of Bardic Madness. This
      year, in honor of some of the shortest reigns in history, we celebrate
      "The Soul of Wit" with challenges designed to exercise your verbal
      skills to the extremes of brevity, such as "Six Words", "The Odyssey
      (Reader's Digest Version)" and "Haiku? No, Renga!", along, of course
      with several old favorites. Because so many of this year's challenges
      emphasize brevity, there are more of them than usual, and everyone is
      encouraged to participate in as many as you can manage!

      For full information, see:

      We are still in need of patrons and instructors, so please contact me if
      you are interested.

      And please feel free to repost this anywhere you like.

      Mark Cipra
      "When in doubt, end with a jig." Robin McCauley

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