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Fwd: [Ayreton Area Fight Practice] PLEASE RE-POST as YOU SEE FIT!

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      Subject: [Ayreton Area Fight Practice] PLEASE RE-POST as YOU SEE FIT!

      Dayle Ashley Harding
      Dayle Ashley Harding 11:20am Jun 20
      Good Day unto the Populace of Midrealm!
      I, Bella, your Clerk of the Roster have news to impart. I will be traveling to the land of my Husband’s Forefathers, and will be unavailable by phone, email and postal service from June 26th until July 13th. Do not call me, text or leave me a message on the phone. Emails will not get answered and the post will be suspended. Please save any and all correspondence until the 13th. Or if something must be attended to, my Deputy Clerk, Isabel Taylor (Marva Bower) will try to keep things from spinning out of control.

      We will be returning to business as usual as of the 13th of July. Any new, primary authorizations or reauthorizations MUST BE DONE BY JULY 13th [Simple Day or Tyger Hunt, if you look at the Midrealm calendar] (this applies to new primary authorizations and reauthorizations only!). If the authorization sheets are sent to me, Isa and I will be working to get cards written out BEFORE Pennsic. I will have set hours at the authorization tent on the list field where you may come COLLECT your cards—the days and times are yet to be determined, but Isa and I will NOT be signing new cards at Pennsic, at all, no exceptions. You may send me your authorization paperwork, but if we do not receive it by Land Grab of the first week for Pennsic, you are still able to use your authorization paperwork AT Pennsic as proof of a reauth or a new authorization. If you have any secondary authorizations at that time, please, keep a copy for yourself, send us a copy of the form and have the authorizing Marshal sign your card. Make sure the copies are legible, too.

      As a reminder for those going to Pennsic: Any of the disciplines for the Martial Arts are required to present their state ID or Driver’s License (for adults), current membership card, and authorization card (for Marshaling or fighting), and your token for Pennsic at inspection point. Please bring these with you, so you are not turned away at Pointe to go walk the great distance to where ever your camp is, to retrieve it. Be prepared, Ladies and Gentlemen. It makes things go so much smoother for you and for the workers at Pointe.

      Please pass this information around as you see fit. Repost this in your local groups, Shires, Cantons and Baronies, please, so everyone is informed. Have fun, hydrate and be safe!

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