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Fwd: Middle Kingdom IT project manager request for help

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  • Jeffnaggie
    ... From: Marie la Fauconniere To: Wendell of Dark River ; Midlands Signet ; Midlands
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2013

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      Subject: Fw: Middle Kingdom IT project manager request for help

      Forwarded by request. 
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      Subject: Middle Kingdom IT project manager request for help

      Good morning, all.

      My name is Rijckaert vanUtrecht, the MK Chronicler, and I would like to request your help in getting the word out to your local seneschals in our search for a project manager to oversee the migration of midrealm.org.  If you know of someone with IT project management experience, please direct them to me at richardvanutrecht@....

      Here's the note I will be posting to various social media outlets and if you could for ward it to your local senesecals, I would greatly appreciate it.


      Call for Candidates for Project Manager
      • Introduction
        • The Middle Kingdom is seeking a person with project management skills to work with the Kingdom Web minister and current system administrators to bring Midrealm IT assets into compliance with Society mandates.
      • Scope/Position summary
        • Analyze the current Midrealm IT infrastructure and notate deficiencies from Society mandated IT standards
        • Create a proposal for updating Midrealm applications and web sites to make them compliant with Society mandated IT standards and any Kingdom IT requirements, which will include deadlines and budget estimates.
        • Create a detailed action plan based on the proposal
        • Manage personnel in implementing the action plan
      • Requirements
        • Solid track record managing projects
        • Good communication, organization and personnel management skills
        • Ability to analyze, plan, and troubleshoot issues
      • Desirable skills
        • Understanding of IT infrastructure technologies
        • Understanding of web development tools including, but not limited to, LAMP, CSS, and Java
        • Ability to work with Peers of the realm
      • Selection criteria
        • Candidates' proposals will be reviewed by the Kingdom Web minister and the Kingdom Chronicler who will make a recommendation to Curia for final approval.
      • Time frame for project completion
        • Analysis and estimation – 2 Months
        • Migration – 6-12 months (subject to project analysis)
      Interested candidates should submit a modern and SCA resume to the Middle Kingdom Chronicler at richardvanutrecht@... for consideration.  Questions about the project are also welcome.
      Thank you.
      THL Rijckaert (Richard) vanUtrecht
      Apprentice of Dame Hauviette d'Anjou
      Squired to Sieur Raymond d'Anjou
      Middle Kingdom Chronicler

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