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8251Fwd: [ShireofRavenslake] reminder - hands-free cell law in IL

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  • Jenna Klauss
    Dec 30 10:31 AM

      Date: Monday, December 30, 2013
      Subject: [ShireofRavenslake] reminder - hands-free cell law in IL
      To: ShireofRavenslake@yahoogroups.com, cam@...


      Hey folks,

      Seemed like a good idea to pass along this reminder, courtesy of the Kenosha Police Department:

      On January 1st, the following law goes into effect in Illinois:
      No cell phones while driving unless they're completely hands free.
      Starting in 2014, drivers caught holding cell phones up to their ears could be subject to a $75 fine. Using a bluetooth headset or speakerphone are both still acceptable as long as they can be activated by a voice command or single-button touch.

      Y'all have better places to spend your money than on tickets!
      Cheers, Marie
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      Jenna Klauss