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8185Exchequer & MOAS Stepping Down - Rokkehealden

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  • Shannon Valentine
    Oct 2, 2013
      Greetings unto the humble Canton of Rokkehealden & the Barony of Ayreton.

      As some (or most) of you know, Johannes and I will be heading south to Texas at the end of this month.  That said, we can no longer hold office within the Middle Kingdom.  Things are moving very quickly for us and we are looking for our replacements so that this wonderful Canton of ours can remain active in the Society.

      The offices that need filling are:

      Exchequer (if you can balance a checkbook, you're good for the job)
      Minister of Arts & Sciences

      Please contact me or Johannes off list if interested in either of the above offices.  Our Canton has been struggling to hold onto its existence for quite a while and I'd hate to see it disappear forever.  These offices are mandatory and need to be filled ASAP.  

      We are very sad to leave our home in the Middle, but life is taking us to new shores. 

      Fiona & Johannes

      Fiona's Email: svalentine_98@...
      Johannes' Email: lordjohannes@...