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  • madhav_chowdhary
    Hi, This is about Tower Height and Location problems in related to Small wind Turbine. I had personally experienced difficult time due to practical problems
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2006
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      This is about "Tower Height and Location" problems in related to
      Small wind Turbine.
      I had personally experienced difficult time due to practical
      problems in decision-making process about Small Wind Turbine
      economic viability, location and height of wind turbine tower and
      answering the prospective customers questions.
      Many times a person in business of selling small wind turbines is in
      really difficult situation when prospective buyer asks,
      1) How much energy it will generate?
      2) Where to install?
      3) What should be the tower height?

      All these questions can be answered by using a Anemometer connected
      to PC. Once the wind speed data is in PC, simple software can answer
      lot of question.

      What problem I have to face (and most of the people in small wind
      turbine industry) was, non-availability of good quality, accurate
      Anemometer at low cost.

      Many people who are interested in installing Small Wind Turbine face
      this similar problem.

      Being personally convinced by the potential of Small Wind Turbine in
      Renewable Energy sector, I was really interested in solving the
      problem of non availability of good quality, accurate Anemometer at
      low cost.

      Finally today I am in position to provide,
      1) Anemometer (good quality / accurate), with RS-232 interfaces to
      PC and basic software for PC at less than 100 USD.
      2) Complete CAD drawings if anybody wants to manufacture and sale.
      3) All the parts of the anemometer.
      4) Mould for Plastic (ABS / Polycarbonate) Injection Molding of
      Three Cup (single piece) assembly.
      5) A Microcontroller based Wind Speed indicator.

      Other products I plan to make available in future at low cost and
      with all details for interested manufacturer are,
      1) Wind direction sensor.
      2) Wireless connectivity between Wind Speed / Direction Sensor and
      data logger.
      3) Wind Speed / Direction Datalogger with data to be stored on MMC.
      4) Wind Speed / Direction Data analysis Software for PC.
      5) Energy Meter / Datalogger for wind turbine (with MMC / Embedded
      Web Enabled).

      My sole purpose of developing this above products is to solve some
      problems faced by people involved in Small Wind and not to enter in
      to manufacturing business. But if somebody is interested, then I
      will get manufactured/ and assembled, and try to make them available
      at lowest possible cost to the user.

      With this availability of low cost good quality / accurate I hope
      that every body in small wind industry (manufacturer, dealer,
      installer, buyer) will benefit to some extent by speeding up the
      decision making process before and after purchase.
      With this I hope to make a Small Wind Turbine purchase /
      installation and use,

      If you want to see product photograph I will arrange to send them to

      Thanking You.
      With regards.
      Madhav Chowdhary

      SWEE Technologies
      Pune (India)
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