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Re: GS-AWAW question

Don, It is clearly stated in the Research and Diplomacy tables. "Any successful result is revealed at the start of the Allied player turn following the
Mike Crowe
6:31 PM

Re: Anglo-French Timing question

... Here is the Game Turn sequence: Research phase Weather die rolls Ultra and Magic draws European Axis and Japanese player turn Western Allied and Russian
3:18 PM

GS-AWAW question

In the rule for an Anglo-French Coop result what does the start of the next turn refer to?Does it refer to the player turn after the result is achieved?Or
Don Stanley
1:13 PM

Re: 3R/A3R - AWaW Question

They are “published” intermittently, on the AWAW website. I’m the only one who writes anything, but when I do, I do it in ULTRA form. From:
Bruce Harper
Aug 30

3R/A3R - AWaW Question

First thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group - my first time with anything like this. I have a question about the AH Third Reich/Advanced Third
Aug 30

File - Q_and_A_protocol.txt

Greetings! This informational message for the "A World At War" and "Gathering Storm" mailing lists explains the: QUESTION & ANSWER PROTOCOL 1. How do I ask a
Aug 30

Re: VASSAL module for Gathering Storm

Sure, How can I take it?
Aug 29

Re: VASSAL module for Gathering Storm

Sure. I am will to look at it.  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "Javor javier.vilarroig@... [aworldatwar]"
Aug 28

Re: VASSAL module for Gathering Storm

Hi. I have a beta quality module. I you're interested I can share with you for testing. Cheers. El mié, 19-08-2015 a las 11:52 +0000, Chuck T
Aug 28

Re: VASSAL module for Gathering Storm

Planning on doing it. But first I will finish fine tuning the AWAW module. Cheers El mar, 18-08-2015 a las 22:46 -0700, brettdedrick@... ... -- Javor
Aug 28

Re: Player e-mails, Con attendees & reports

I don't know if Randy intended to do individual game reports for 2014. It is a lot of work, and requires significant effort from all involved. I believe it is
Mike Crowe
Aug 28

Re: Player e-mails, Con attendees & reports

One idea is to dictate to your phone during the game Then you have a reference to listen to when you write it up later Greg Wilson Sent from my iPhone ... One
Greg Wilson
Aug 28

Re: Player e-mails, Con attendees & reports

Eric did that too, but I found it impossible. I will have to think of another system for next year! From: aworldatwar@yahoogroups.com
Bruce Harper
Aug 28

Player e-mails, Con attendees & reports

After losing my laptop and its data I recreated 2013 and 2014 reports.Sent them to Mike along with 2015's report, because I thought he was collecting
Dave Hanson
Aug 28

Re: North Africa game anyone?

I am available on Saturday morning - I'm going to plan to try and give it a go on Warplanner. 930am work for anyone else? On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 10:14 PM
Chuck T
Aug 28
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