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  • Joyce C. Lock
    ~ Loneliness ~ Loneliness is everywhere around us, sometimes within us, and is often responded to with, If you want a friend, make yourself friendly (taken
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2006
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      ~ Loneliness ~

      Loneliness is everywhere around us, sometimes within us, and is often responded to with, "If you want a friend, make yourself friendly" (taken from Pr. 18:24).

      We gulp, give it a try, and conclude it does not work.

      Scripture always works when properly applied.  Perhaps we are friendly for what we can get out of it (Ja. 4:3), or we take the meaning too lightly.
      Jesus is our best model of what a friend could and should be.  In all the ways He has loved us, we are to love each other (Jn. 15:12).  There is not much room for loneliness when our vessel is filled with love.

      All it takes is enough compassion to be the difference (Jude 22) and, in so doing, we can not out give God (Lu. 6:38).  In staying the course, we may also find the desires of our heart (Ps. 37:3-4) and to have both found and become a friend like Jesus.  The most beautiful part being that we would have become a best friend to Jesus, caring more about the desires of His heart than ours.  And when we walk with Him, we are and are being made complete.

      Not forgetting we are also human, why not give others a break and love them anyway?  Then, when they don't receive, just shake the dust off your feet and try again another day.  But better yet, seek those in need.  It could just be that the desire of their heart is the same as yours ~ to have a friend like Jesus.

      Now who could resist that?


      Loved as my own soul (De. 13:6).  Taken time to get to know them.  Been trustworthy.  Both shared and ate spiritual manna (Ps. 41:9).  Loved at all times (Pr. 17:17).  Stuck closer than a brother (Pr. 18:24).  Been faithful even when wounded (Pr. 27:6).  Given hearty counsel (Pr. 27:9).  Been available when trouble comes (Pr. 27:10).  Sought to bring out the best in them (Pr. 27:17).  Believed God (Ja. 2:23).
      No matter the problem, we will find our way when we choose to believe God.

      © by Joyce C. Lock
      This article may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
      for non-profit ministering purposes.
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