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Abstracts for WINDPOWER 2006 due next week!

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  • Heather Rhoads-Weaver
    Small wind industry members and supporters, I strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for WINDPOWER 2006 - with the assistance of Small Wind Program Chair
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Small wind industry members and supporters,
      I strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for WINDPOWER 2006 - with the assistance of Small Wind Program Chair Robert Preus, AWEA is making a special effort to include more program content on small turbine technical, policy and business issues - both during the main conference and as part of a pre-conference seminar. Additional focus is also being included on small-scale & community wind.

      To assist with the review process and increase your chances of selection, for all abstracts related to small turbines (up to 100 kW) please be sure to select either of the following as the main category, even if you think it "fits" better under another category listed:

      BUSINESS TRACK: Personal Wind Systems for Homes, Farms, and Small Businesses
      Abstracts are encouraged on small wind energy systems, covering incentives, green power programs, and other strategies for building the market as well as overcoming barriers such as permitting issues, interconnection, financing, and technology cost targets. All abstracts related to wind turbines up to 100 kW should be submitted under either this category under the business topics or the Small Wind Systems category under the technical topics.

      TECHNICAL TRACK: Small Wind Systems
      This category includes all technical sessions on small wind turbines and systems (defined as 100 kW or less).

      Then select a second category that best suits your abstract, as described at: http://www.eshow2000.com/awea/program_overview.cfm

      For small-scale & community wind (above 100 kW), please note the following categories:

      Distributed Generation and Community Wind
      Abstracts will be considered that deal with the market for end-users and for community-owned wind power projects through local co-operatives, etc., and the growth potential for this area of business.

      Economic Models for Rural Wind Energy Development
      Abstracts that deal with structures for developing small-scale projects (small numbers of turbines, not small capacity turbines) in rural wind farms with active farmer involvement as owners, directly or through rural co-operatives, and the potential for large-scale growth in this sector will be considered.

      Community Considerations
      The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US are moving toward a wind power development pattern that is characterized by small and distributed projects.  Abstracts exploring community issues, including strategies for how to harvest public support on wind projects, how to anticipate and address concerns such as sound and aesthetics, and how to work with local agencies and advocacy groups, are welcome.

      Interconnection and Access to Transmission
      Discussions of challenges and solutions for wind development in interconnection policies, transmission rights, and use of transmission are invited.

      Federal & State Policies
      Abstracts examining various policies for the production of wind energy including price support mechanisms, financial incentives/subsidies, tax incentives, tax exemptions, guaranteed sale of electricity to the national grid, third party access, green certificates, and net metering and branding of "green electricity" are appropriate.
      Green Attribute Market Developments
      Abstracts dealing with renewable energy credits (RECs) with a focus on Clear Air Act emission markets are welcome.

      The level of interest and high-quality abstracts on small wind will help us explore the potential for a stand-alone AWEA event in late 2006 or early 2007. Please see below for more details.


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      From: Sakura Emerine
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      Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 2:22 PM
      Subject: AWEA Now Accepting Abstracts for WINDPOWER 2006 Conference and Exhibition

      Announcing the WINDPOWER 2006 Call for Papers

      The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is now accepting abstracts for the WINDPOWER 2006 Conference and Exhibition to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 4 - 7, 2006. Presenting a paper at WINDPOWER is a unique opportunity to be recognized as an important member of the wind energy community. WINDPOWER is the largest wind energy conference and exhibition in North America and draws over 4,100 industry leaders from across the country and abroad. Don't miss this opportunity to share your industry experience and expertise with other wind industry professionals from around the globe.

      11:59 pm EST.
      (check with Sakura - this may be extended a few days??)

      Submit your abstract online by clicking here: Call for Abstracts

      or copy and paste the following link: http://www.awea.org/wp06.html

      Abstract Topics

      Energizing the Future - Bringing Wind Energy into the Mainstream

      This year's conference will focus on what needs to be done to bring wind energy more prominently into the mainstream electric market. We encourage you to submit abstracts that are forward-thinking, address big picture issues and the advancement of the wind energy industry.

      Interconnection and Access to Transmission
      Green Attribute Market Developments
      Offshore Wind Developments
      Integrating Wind in Electricity Supply
      Green Power as a Marketing Tool
      Choices for a Green Portfolio
      Federal & State Policies
      Community Considerations

      Wind Resource Assessment
      Wind Forecasting
      Turbine Loads, Analysis & Control
      Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics
      Advances in Turbine Components and Subsystems
      Small Wind Systems
      Advances in Large Scale Wind Turbines
      Wind Power Plant Performance and Testing
      Emerging Applications: Storage, Hydrogen, and Water
      Grid Integration of Wind Energy
      Operation, Maintenance, and Safety (Asset Management)
      Offshore Wind
      Electrical System Design & Control

      Debt and Tax Equity Finance
      Fund Investment in Wind Power
      Legal Issues
      Economic Models for Rural Wind Energy Development
      Project Development Challenges & Solutions (incorporating Siting & Wildlife Issues)
      Maximizing Revenue from Wind Power Sales
      State & Regional Support in the North Eastern US
      Personal Wind Systems for Homes, Farms, and Small Businesses
      Buying Turbines
      Distributed Generation and Community Wind

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sakura Emerine, the Education Manager at the American Wind Energy Association, at semerine@... or (202) 383-2540. We look forward to receiving your abstract.

      WINDPOWER 2006 Conference Program Co-Chairs:

      Michael Davies, FreeStream Capital Partners Limited
      James Lyons, GE Energy
      WINDPOWER 2006 Conference Information

      WINDPOWER 2006 Conference & Exhibition
      June 4 - 7, 2006
      David L. Lawrence Convention Center
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

      Conference & Education Department
      1101 14TH Street NW, 12th Floor
      Washington, DC 20005
      Phone: (202) 383-2512
      Fax: (202) 383-2505
      Email: conference@...
      : http://www.awea.org/wp06.html

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