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Small Wind at Global Windpower 2004 - Chicago

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  • Heather Rhoads-Weaver
    If you haven t already made plans to attend Global Windpower in Chicago March 28-31, don t miss out! This year s AWEA conference features more events than ever
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      Small Wind at Global Windpower 2004 - Chicago

      If you haven't already made plans to attend Global Windpower in Chicago March 28-31, don't miss out!
      This year's AWEA conference features more events than ever on small wind, including:

      Sunday, March 28

      Pre-Conference Seminar 9:00 am 4:00 pm
      "Taking Small Wind to the Next Level: Reaching Industry Goals"
      Full Program below

      Poster Reception 6:00 pm 7:00 pm
      Meet Presenters of 8 Poster Sessions on Small Wind
      Listed below

      Opening Reception 7:00 pm 9:00 pm
      View Exhibits, including 15 companies involved in Small Wind
      Listed below

      Monday, March 29

      AWEA Legislative Update 10:30 am Noon
      Discussion will include creation of new pending federal Small Wind Turbine Investment Tax Credit

      National Programs 2nd Presenation in 10:30 am Session
      Larry Flowers, Team Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
      Wind Powering America - An Update

      Small Wind Turbine Committee Annual Meeting 5:30 7:30 pm

      Tuesday, March 30

      Small Wind Track Sessions
      Details below

      Wind Energy for Farms, Homes and Small Businesses 10:30 am Noon

      Hybrid System Technology Needs 1:45 3:15 pm

      Advanced Small Turbine Technology  3:30 5 pm

      Sunday, March 28

      Taking Small Wind to the Next Level: Reaching Industry Goals

      9:00-9:10       Welcome and Introductions, Brian Smith, NREL

      9:10-9:40       The Future of Small Wind and its Markets, Mike Bergey, BWC

      9:40-10:10      Strategic Priorities for the Small Wind Industry: Review of the U.S. Small Wind Turbine Roadmap, Heather Rhoads-Weaver, AWEA

      10:10-10:40     DOE/NREL Distributed Wind Turbine Projects, Trudy Forsyth, NREL

      10:40-10:55     Break

      10:55-11:15     Status of the Technology and Implications of Testing, Ken Starcher, AEI

      11:15-11:45     Present Federal and State Residential Incentives, Trudy Forsyth, NREL 
                        Opportunities for Improving Programs, Policies and Incentives to Nurture the Small Wind Industry, Robert Preus, ARE

      11:45-12:00     Wind Resource Assessment for Small Turbines, Dave Blittersdorf, NRG Systems

      12:00-1:00      Lunch

      1:00-2:20       Small Wind Fundamentals, Jim Green, NREL

              ·       How Wind Turbines Work
              ·       Estimating Annual Energy Delivery
              ·       Technology Overview and Available Products
              ·       Costs and Payback
              ·       Case Studies
              ·       Utility Interconnection

      2:20-2:35       Break  

      2:35-3:05       Understanding Zoning for Small Wind, Jim Green, NREL

      3:05-3:20       Q & A on Small Wind Technology, Jim Green, NREL

      3:20-4:00       Looking Ahead: Joint Actions for Industry and Advocates, Jim Green, NREL,  Mike Bergey, BWC, and Heather Rhoads-Weaver, AWEA


      Peter Asmus, Pathfinder Communications, USA
      Permitting Small-Scale Wind Projects: Learning from the California Experience

      David Corbus, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
      Small Wind Turbine Energy Capture Analysis

      Radu Danescu, North Dakota State University, USA
      Verticle-Axis Turbine Modified for a Cost-Effective, Small Off-Grid Wind Power System

      Vinod John, Northern Power Systems, USA
      Operation of Small Wind Turbines on Distribution Grids

      George Nassos, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
      A Highly Efficient Small Wind Turbine for Distributive Generation

      Lynn Sharp, Maul Foster & Alongi Inc., USA
      Rapid Ecological Assessment of Potential Small Wind Power Sites for Native Villages and Coast Guard Facilities in Southeast and Southwest Alaska

      Eduard Shyshonkov, Center for Safe Energy, Ukraine
      Off-Grid Small Wind Power in Crimea, Ukraine: Towards Distributed Energy Independence

      Andrew Wright, University of Newcastle, Australia
      The Starting Performance and Low Wind Speed Behaviour of A Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

      AWEA Small Wind Advocate
      AWS Scientific Inc
      Bergey Windpower Co.
      CH2M Hill
      Electric Power Engineers, Inc.
      Energy Maintenance Service Inc.
      Fuhrlander AG
      Gestion Optilog Inc.
      Global Energy Concepts
      NRG Systems
      Natus Technology Corp.
      Paragon Partners Ltd.
      TrueWind Solutions LLC
      U.S. Department of Energy
      Valmont Industries Inc - Wind Energy
      WECS Electric Supply
      Wetzel Engineering
      For a full exhibitor list see http://www.awea.org/global04/g04exhibits.html

      Tuesday, March 30

      Wind Energy for Farms, Homes and Small Businesses

      10:30-Noon, Room N228
      Moderators:     Peter Dreyfuss, Director, Chicago Regional Office, U.S. Department of Energy

          Michael Bergey, President, Bergey Windpower Company

      Ryan Hayes Wiser, Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
      Building a Market for Small Wind Systems: Calculating the Break-Even Turnkey Cost of Residential Wind Systems in the United States

      Charlie Dou, General Manager, Beijing Bergey Windpower Co., Ltd., China
      Experience and Lessons Learned from Renewable Energy System Application in China Rural Electrification

      Michael Klemen, USA
      Experiences in Testing Numerous Small Wind Turbines and Comments on Turbine Design

      Heather Rhoads-Weaver, Director of Community Partnerships, NW Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, USA
      Our Wind Co-op: Exploring Joint Green Tag Financing and Marketing Models for Energy Independence

      William Hagy, Deputy Administrator for Business Programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA
      Farm Bill Section 9006 Program: Proven Funding Source for Rural Wind Energy Systems

      Mark Bolinger, Principal Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
      Community-Owned Wind Power Development:  The Challenge of Applying the European Model in the United States, and How States are Addressing that Challenge

      Hybrid System Technology Needs
      1:45-3:15, Room N228
      Moderators:     Trudy Forsyth, Small Wind Turbine Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
                      Elvis Zekeri, President, Nigerian Wind Energy Association, Nigeria

      Henry duPont, Managing Director, Lorax Energy Systems, LLC, USA
      Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System Provides Critical Power to Help Clean Up Remote Superfund Site

      Mia Devine, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts, USA
      Wind Diesel Hybrid Options for Remote Power Stations in Alaska
      Christopher Henderson, Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts, USA
      Feasibility Study for a Wind-Diesel Hybrid System with Desalination for Star Island, N.H.

      Jon McGowan, Professor, University of Massachusetts, USA
      A Hybrid Wind-Diesel System for the U.S. Navy at Guantanamo Naval Base: Using an Energy Savings Performance Contract

      João Pinho, Full Professor, Federal University of Pará, Brazil
      Operational Strategies of Wind-Diesel Systems for Electricity Generation Using Intelligent Systems

      Laurent Mondou, P.Eng., DERMOND Inc., Canada
      Complete "GREEN ENERGY" Electricity Management System for Artic Diesel Driven Grids and Rooftop Installations to Reduce Cost of Power of Utility and Building Owners

      Advanced Small Turbine Technology
      3:30-5:00, Room N228
      Moderators:     David Laino, Engineering Consultant, Windward Engineering, LLC, USA

              Peter Hjuler Jensen, Head of Programme, Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark

      Garrett Bywaters, Sr Mechanical Engineer, Northern Power Systems, USA
      Evolution of the NorthWind® 100 - From Niche Markets to Mainstream Small Turbine Applications

      Trudy Forsyth, Small Wind Turbine Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
      U.S. Department of Energy's Distributed Wind Turbine Development Projects

      David Jones, Program Manager, Southwest Windpower, USA
      The Approaching Storm: Southwest Windpower’s New Small Wind Turbine and the Growing Small Wind Turbine Market

      Tod Hanley, Chief Engineer, Bergey Windpower Co., USA
      The New Bergey XL.50, a Passively-Controlled, Low Cost, 50 kW Turbine for Distributed Generation

      Gerard Van Bussel, Associate Professor, TU Delft, Netherlands
      The Development of Turby®, a Small VAWT for the Built Environment

      Each full conference or one-day conference attendee will receive a Conference Proceedings CD-ROM, which will be mailed out after the conference. Updated speaker information will be posted to the AWEA website which will be available to full conference and one-day conference attendees.


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