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For my daughter

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  • Deb
    Most of you know DeeDee, my daughter, was born with uncommon birth defect called  Arthrogryposis, and this effected her hands, and feet.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2010
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      of you know DeeDee, my daughter, was born with uncommon birth defect
      called  Arthrogryposis, and this effected her hands, and feet. http://www.i-am-pregnant.com/Birth/Birth-defects/Arthrogryposis.%c2%a0
      There are many things she wants to do, but can not.   One thing we
      found she can do and can do well is play on the adapted sports team. As
      some of you know, I just had a fund raiser for the team, a pampered chef


      Many people love pampered chef, and
      received over $1000 in orders and we will be receiving $150 for those
      orders.  And a lot of direct donations which add up came in.

      So far we have $750 dollars to spend on new helmets. .   
      We are asking the coaches to pick out the correct ones they need
      according to policies and rules of floor hockey.  The current ones we
      have are old and not very sanity; and they should be replaced.   We
      would most likely need 15 of them at around $65 per helmet,(estimation, 
      including shipping and tax).  Which is a total of $975...we are around
      $225 short.

      So every little amount will help us purchase these items.

      You may be asking why helmets.  We, the booster club, did ask the Coaches if they were needed and obtained this

      Why are new helmets
      needed for floor hockey? Is it due to safety, comfort?  Or ??

      Helmets are expensive,
      used heavily, and we’ve had them for a while.  They are now getting older
      and they are not the cleanest or most sanitary. 
      The following question has come up  and I have provided the answer from the Coaches.

      Director at each school? Why do they not put some money into the program?
      Most varsity athletes
      provide their own equipment such helmets and sticks in hockey and shin pads in
      soccer.  The school provides few every few years.  The school
      originally provided equipment for our team.

      Ordering is easy but please
      let me know if you order, so I can make sure the team gets credit. And
      please help us reach our goal and be able to buy some needed equipment
      for the Adapted Team of Osseo Maple Grove School District.

      Steps to order: for the Pampered
      Chef  - Close date Nov 19 2010

      1.        Click
      here  WWW.pamperedchef.biz/kaylee

      2.        Click
      on Shop Online, lower left on the screen

      3.        In
      the first text box,  that states " Already invited to a show
      and would like to place an order" type in
        Adapted and click
      on Search

      4.        Click
      on the Adapted Athletic

      5.        Make
      sure the name Deb Loppnow appears then you know you are on the right

      6.        Shop
      and pick the items you wish to order. 
      (if your order is $61 or more, please go back to the http://www.pamperedchef.biz/kaylee?page=host-search-results&showId=2765189, it is the first page which appears after you locate the team.. and click on guest special and see what you can get free.)
      7.        Click
      on Proceed to Finalize Order

      8.        Choose
      to have the items sent directly to your house by picking
      Direct shipping on the order form.   
      9.        Plus,
      be free to pass the email on to your friend, family and coworkers,  
      We have to the 19th of November to get it all in..

       Just ask your friends to have the
      order go directly to them, or combine them with yours, to save n shipping.

      10.        So
      order today so you dont forget and send an email to all your friends and
      family..  Remember Direct shipping please.

      The dealer accepts VISA, MasterCard,
      Discover, and American Express.  Hostess
      name of the party is under Adapted Athletic Teams.
       Please make sure this appears as Hostess with my name: Deb Loppnow
      showing.  This will ensure the team receives credits ..

      And as always we will take direct donations for the team. If
      you would like to make a direct donation please send to my home address
      made payable to ISD 279 Adapted sports Booster club.  If you need my
      address please email me at debbie_080954@....

      know this team is very important
      to the players.   The goal of the adapted sports program has always
      been to provide sports experiences for high school athletes with
      in the same manner that they have been provided for non-disabled
      When they first started the organization, they wanted to provide
      sports opportunities where none previously existed. Osseo Maple Grove
      district has had a strong presence in this league from the start, by
      helping the team we are helping our children live out part of their
      dreams, to play in a high school league.

      This has been achieved
      in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota is the first state where adapted
      sports have been officially sanctioned by a state high school league. This
      league does an outstanding job, in helping the players in being recognized
      for their sports ability and engages them all at their own level of abilities
      in the sport.  This opportunity helps them fit in better at school
      by being part of a team and playing under their school colors.

      by giving a direct donation or by placing a Pampered Chef order will
      help us purchase the helmets for the floor hockey team.  Ordering is
      easy but, please
      let me know if you order, so I can make sure the team gets credit. And
      please help us reach our goal and be able to buy some needed equipment
      for the Adapted Team of Osseo Maple Grove School District.

      thank you for your team and support

      Debbie and DeeDee
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