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Re: [AMC Adults] It's Been A Long Time...

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  • Dan
    Instead of clogging everyone s inbox with replies, I just figured I d reply to each of you in one long e-mail. Just scroll down to read each individual reply.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
      Instead of clogging everyone's inbox with replies, I
      just figured I'd reply to each of you in one long
      Just scroll down to read each individual reply.

      --- Cissy72000@... wrote:
      > DEAR DAN,
      > ME. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU &
      > (NOV. 28th).

      I do remember you. Happy belated birthday!

      --- Bpo5622338@... wrote:
      > hi dan, congrats to you,
      > pam


      --- Felecia725@... wrote:
      > I want you to know Dan I'm very proud of you for
      > rigging up ways to do
      > things. I am always rigging up ways to do things for
      > myself.

      Thanks! What kind of things have you rigged for

      --- missbetty37 <missbetty37@...> wrote:
      > WTG Dan,
      > Isn't it nice to be away from your parents? You
      > might still have that
      > homesick felling but it sounds like your life has
      > really taken off for the
      > good.
      > I bet your parents are also relieved that you are
      > doing everything by
      > yourself.

      Thanks! Yes, it's a great feeling to be on my own.
      I've been on my own for 4 months now and have not felt
      homesick. Brooke and her family are great to me, so I
      don't ever have a chance to feel down. Plus I talk to
      my family at least once a week. My sister has even
      visited me already.
      My parents are very proud and relieved. They have
      already taken numerous vacations since I moved. In the
      past I would have had to go with them, so me moving
      was good for all of us.

      --- Patty Clarke <pelclarke@...> wrote:
      > Dan, that is the coolest post I have read in
      > ages......wow what empowerment
      > instilled in yourself and others around you, and I
      > bet lots of people who
      > are members on this listserv. Remarkable,
      > absolutely
      > remarkable...................The 30's are going to
      > be amazing for you my
      > friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      > Congratulations on all of
      > it.................................
      > Patty....

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I wasn't really
      sure what kind of reaction it would get, but so far
      everyone has been real supportive.
      I can't really say that I'm looking forward to my
      30's, but hopefully I'll keep my boy-ish good

      --- Brendan Flynn <soapeatingmonkey@...> wrote:
      > this is my first post in this group, & although I
      > myself do not have AMC (I have a good friend who
      > does, however) I read your story & it sounds like
      > you are determined to live life your way & finally
      > be independent..I wish you & Brooke all the luck in
      > the world!!

      Thanks! Is your friend a member of this mailing list?

      --- Lesliespcare@... wrote:
      > Dear Dan,
      > Congratulations you and Brooke! You made me
      > cry within the first couple
      > of sentences- I knew where this story was headed!
      > Thanks so much for sharing your good news- it
      > made my day!

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. I didn't intend for it to be
      a tearjerker. I'm glad it touched you though.

      --- TERRY2745@... wrote:
      > Dan, IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)
      > I knew you could do it!!!! CONGRATS 2 both of you on
      > the engagement! Whens
      > the wedding? I hope I get an invitation!! :)

      Thanks! No official wedding date has been sent, but
      you'll get an invitation when it's announced.

      --- Michael Goldhammer
      <michaelgoldhammer@...> wrote:
      > Dan's story helps us all to remember that
      > persistence and determination
      > (with a little love) makes life happen.

      Wow, you made my story sound like a Lifetime Network
      movie of the week (not that I watch Lifetime or even
      know what channel it is. I uhhh just hear Brooke
      talking about it all the time when me and the guys are
      watching wrestling, yeah that's right)...*turns TV on,
      sees Golden Girls and laughs at Roses' St. Olaf story*

      --- vbarrett <vbarrett@...> wrote:
      > Wow Dan, congratulations! This past year have great
      > for me as well. I'm not
      > sure if I posted a message last year of my wedding,
      > but I am about the
      > happiest person around. I got married on Sept. 7,
      > 2002.

      Thanks and congratulations to you as well.

      --- Christie Maurer <cristem@...> wrote:
      > Dan, what a wonderful story and a wonderful
      > breakthrough. You've shown
      > real creativity and initiative in making yourself a
      > new life.
      > There's nothing like getting out on your own and
      > being independent and
      > having a love-life to let you feel like an adult--a
      > "member of the
      > club."
      > Good going! Keep up the good--and ENJOY!

      Yes, being on my own and in love does make me feel
      like a more productive member of society. I can no
      longer fall back on the parents when things go wrong.
      I have many more responsibilities now and so far I
      have done pretty good for myself.

      --- Ilyce <pinkphoenix28@...> wrote:
      > WOW!!! Dan I'm so proud of you and congrats on you
      > and Brooke on the engagement. Best wishes to you
      > both. I too have found ways for me to be more
      > independent.

      Thanks! That's great that you have found ways to be
      independent. Stay determined and you'll succeed.

      --- rnjhamp <rnjhamp@...> wrote:
      > Copngrats Dan on your engagement and independence.
      > That is wonderful
      > news. I'm very happy for you.

      Thanks and I hope you're successful with your attempts
      at pregnancy.

      OK, I think that covers them all.
      Thanks again for all your positive feedback.

      AOL IM - Dango727
      Yahoo! - dango727
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