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Vinyl trade list 1

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  • Per Anders Johansson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      >here are some Swedish vinyls i have for trade,my interest are mostly
      >everything in progressive/psychedelic music from all over the world and
      >ages,mail your list or reserve items and look what you can trade away.
      >this are first list of many i can send when i get time.

      >KAIPA inget nytt under solen, decca 76 (rare)
      >SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA ,m�ltid,vg+ cover
      >SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA ,snorungarnas symfoni,mnw
      >SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA ,klossa knapitalet,silence
      >ZAMLA MAMMAS MANNA ,f�r�lde nybegynnare/schlagerns mystik, cov
      >TERJE RYPDAL,blue , ecm
      >TERJE RYPDAL,single collection,ecm
      >KEBNEKAISE,elefanten,silence (rare)
      >ANDERS HELMERSON,end of illusion, skivb 82,vg+ cov
      >(hardest to find 80s Swed symf/prog album,very rare)
      >PETER BRYNGELSSON ,via, Slask rec 90
      >(solo Ragnar�k on private label)
      >RALPH LUNDSTEN Erik XIV emi/electra 70 (rare)
      > Faderv�r emi/electra 72 (rare)
      >HASSE BRUNIUSSON ,mannaminne, alt 83
      >(samla mammas manna member)
      >MYRBEIN ,myrornas krig,private 80 (very rare symf)
      >BO HANSSON,ur trollkarlens hatt,silence,vg+/vg
      > same,silence 85
      > el-ahrairah,silence
      >HANSSON/KARLSSON,rex,pol68,vg/vg, (rare)
      >MATS GLENDG�RD,violin race,bastun 7?,(rare)
      >MIKAEL RAMMEL,till dej,ljudsp�r 72,vg(+)/vg+(rare)
      > extra vagansa,son 74 (rare)
      > 3 skivan,ytf 77 (rare)
      >(The Rammel lps are very interesting prog/folk lps with sometimes heavy
      >guitars,many silence guys are involved,very good lps)
      >BJ�RN J LINDH,spirits of europa opus II ,virg 85
      > europa opus III ,lcm 89
      > sissel ,metro 73,(rare)
      > musik,sonet 81
      > Atlantis ,son 83
      > raggie,metro 76 (rare)
      > v�rlden v�nder,sonet 85
      > bike voyage II, sonet 78
      >Thats all right,If you Swedsih wants,send and maybe i can help.
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