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New Änglagård, Led Bib, Caravan, Henry Cow, Ia n Anderson

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  • Ian Beabout
    Hello everyone, it s been a week or two, but Deep Cuts is back this Thursday (5/8)! To start with, I ll have some new live music from Sweden s Änglagård and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2014
      Hello everyone, it's been a week or two, but Deep Cuts is back this Thursday (5/8)!

      To start with, I'll have some new live music from Sweden's Änglagård and their brand new release, Prog på Svenska - Live in Japan, a live document of their three-night stint in Club Città in Japan, performing with The Crimson ProjeKCt.  Änglagård, now with a new lineup, present a unique take on progressive rock with influences such as Swedish folk music, old school progressive rock like Genesis, and Dun, all in a very dynamic and symphonic style.

      Additionally, I'll have some new music on the Cuneiform label by way of England's Led Bib, a group best described as a cross between the spaciness of Gong and the jazz of groups such as Soft Machine.  The brand new record, entitled The People in Your Neighbourhood is a challenging and unique take on the fusion genre, with extended dual saxophone workouts and spacey electronics.

      Rounding up the three hour program will be tracks from Canterbury legends Caravan, birthday tributes to Tim Hodgkinson of Henry Cow, John Glasscock (RIP) of Jethro Tull, and Eddie Jobson. I'll top it off with some recent music from Ian Anderson, recent music from violin / saxophone led fusion group and Forgas Band Phenomena, and of course hour 3 will be devoted to listener requests!

      I hope you can join me!

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