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Full Blast and more - concert announcement

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  • marino pliakas
    Dear all, please be informed about our next concerts - thank you! *Oct 5/12 AUT-Wien* / Chelsea Club :
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      Dear all,

      please be informed about our next concerts - thank you!

      *Oct 5/12 AUT-Wien* / Chelsea Club
      <http://www.chelsea.co.at/concerts.php#concert_4151> : *FULL BLAST
      <http://www.marinopliakas.com/bpwtotal.pdf> *[Br�tzmann-Pliakas-Wertm�ller]
      *Oct 6/12 ROM-Sibiu* / Festival Jazz & More <http://www.jazzandmore.ro>,
      Teatrul Talia : *FULL BLAST
      *Oct 12/12 LIT-Vilnius* / Internat. Jazzfestival
      <http://www.bilietupasaulis.lt/lit/bilietai/?concert=107703> :
      <file://localhost/ttp/::www.marinopliakas.com:bpwtotal.pdf>*FULL BLAST
      *Oct 13/12 ESP-Barcelona* / LEM Festival
      <http://www.gracia-territori.com/lem_programme.php>, Caixaforum-Auditori
      : *FULL BLAST
      *Oct 14/12POR-Porto* / Passos Manuel
      <http://www.passosmanuel.net/index.php?evento_id=3284> :
      <file://localhost/ttp/::www.marinopliakas.com:bpwtotal.pdf>*FULL BLAST
      *Oct 15/12 POR-Lisboa* / Galeria Z� dos Bois
      <http://www.zedosbois.org/events/peter-brotzmanns-full-blast/> :
      <file://localhost/ttp/::www.marinopliakas.com:bpwtotal.pdf>*FULL BLAST
      *Oct 29/12 **CH-Z�rich* / Walcheturm
      <http://www.walcheturm.ch/program.php?VIEW_DETAILS=498&session=#programm> :
      *STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND <http://www.steamboatswitzerland.ch>* VII/XII @
      Kunstraum Walcheturm
      *Nov 1/12 GER-Hannover* / ExTempore Festival TBA: *HADRON* [Duo
      *Nov 14/12 CH-Z�rich* / Walcheturm
      <http://www.walcheturm.ch/program.php?VIEW_DETAILS=498&session=#programm> :
      *STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND <http://www.steamboatswitzerland.ch>* VIII/XII @
      Kunstraum Walcheturm
      *Nov 28 /or/ 29/12 [TBC!!] CH-Z�rich* / Spunk : *STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND
      <http://www.steamboatswitzerland.ch>* extra show
      *Dec 6/12 GER- Berlin* / Festsaal Kreuzberg
      <http://www.festsaal-kreuzberg.de/?page_id=5> : *FULL BLAST
      *Dec 12/12 CH-Z�rich* / Walcheturm
      <http://www.walcheturm.ch/program.php?VIEW_DETAILS=498&session=#programm> :
      *STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND <http://www.steamboatswitzerland.ch>* IX/XII @
      Kunstraum Walcheturm
      *Dec 16/12 AUT-Gra*z / Stockwerk, Open Music Serie
      <http://www.openmusic.at/om_programm_full_blast.html> : *FULL BLAST

      Full Blast news: here <http://www.marinopliakas.com/bpw.html>

      CD & Vinyl as of now available:
      *Full Blast and friends **[Br�tzmann-Pliakas-Wertm�ller + Ken
      Vandermark/barisax, cl; Thomas Heberer, tp; Dirk Rothbrust, timp]
      **FULL BLAST <http://marinopliakas.com/bpw.html> + FRIENDS, **"Sketches
      and Ballads" (*Trost <http://www.trost.at>*, TR107, 2011, CD/Vinyl)*
      CD/Vinyl release of live recording@ Donaueschinger Musiktage 2010 on
      Trost <http://www.trost.at> / composed by Michael Wertm�ller:
      order from Trost/Substance <http://www.trost.at> or *directly from the

      Press/bookers: promotional copies on demand
      /[by the way, just recently we got a nice 5* review in the Guardian:
      And also recently Stewart Lee on Full Blast:

      FULL BLAST news:
      Albert-Mangelsdorff-Award 2011 for Peter Br�tzmann
      (German Jazz Award / Deutscher Jazzpreis)
      The prize-giving ceremony took place on September 18th, 2011
      as part of the concert of /*Full Blast*/ at the Akademie der K�nste

      Awarding by Manfred Schoof - Laudatio
      <http://www.peterbroetzmann.com/news/news110823award/laudatio.php> by
      Markus M�ller

      All the best,
      Marino Pliakas

      Short info:

      *Peter Broetzmann (*1941, D, living in Wuppertal/Germany), reeds*
      (Broetzmann Chicago Tentett, Machine Gun, Die Like a Dog, Globe Unit
      Orchestra etc.: http://www.shef.ac.uk/misc/rec/ps/efi/mbrotzm.html)*
      Michael Wertmueller (*1966, CH, living in Berlin/Germany), drums*
      (William Parker Trio, Alboth!, 16-17, W2, etc;
      http://www.michaelwertmueller.com <http://www.wittwer.mu/w2/werther.html>)
      *Marino Pliakas (*1964, CH/GR, living in Zurich/Switzerland), ebass*
      (steamboat switzerland
      <http://www.marinopliakas.com/steamboatswitzerland.html>, sludge 2000
      etc.: http://www.marinopliakas.com)

      *Peter Broetzmann (Germany, reeds) * - the living legend of the European
      new jazz.
      He has exemplified European improvised music for over 40 years and
      participated in countless international collaborations.
      A founder of European Free Jazz movement, his work includes
      collaborations and recordings with Last Exit (with Bill Laswell, Sonny
      Sharrock and Ronald Shannon Jackson), Evan Parker, Misha Mengelberg, and
      Borah Bergman. Recent projects include Die Like a Dog (with William
      Parker, Hamid Drake and Toshinori Kondo), his homage to Albert Ayler,
      the Chicago-based Broetzmann Tentet and many more.
      His first album Machine Gun released in 1968 still represents the
      reference for the musicians and critics. Considering his 40-years-career
      and more than 100 albums, but also many current projects, Broetzmann is
      still one of the most influential figures of the new music. *
      FULL BLAST [Broetzmann-Pliakas-Wertmueller] *toured since fall 2004 in
      USA, CAN, Brazil, Japan, UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Netherlands,
      Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia,
      Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland,
      Egypt, Israel, Russia.
      Choice of Festivals: Seattle/Earshot Jazzfestival, Winnipeg/Send&Receive
      Festival, NYC/Knitting Factory, Chicago/Empty Bottle, NYC/Tonic,
      Berkeley/ Jazzhouse, Victoria/Openspace, Tampere Jazz Happening, Academy
      of Arts Berlin, AudioArt Krakow, Angelica Festival Bologna, Moers
      Festival, Lisbon Jazzfestival, Long Arms Moscow, Aposition Festival
      St.Petersburg, Beta Project Pau, Mediawave Gy�r, Sonic Protest Paris,
      Enjoy Jazz Festival Heidelberg, All Frontiers Festival Gradisca, NoJazz
      Festival Zagreb, Festival De Jazz San Juan Evangelista Madrid, Unerhoert
      Festival Zurich, Ha'pzura Festival Tel Aviv, Cheltenham Jazz Festival,
      SSG Sao Paolo, Enjoy Jazz Festival Mannheim, Bratislava Nextfestival,
      Incubate Tilburg, RingRing Festival Belgrade, Cerkno Jazzfestival, Rock
      in Opposition Festival Albi, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Leipzig Opera
      Jazztage, Unlimited Wels, Musiche Possibili Ivrea, Montreal/Suoni del
      Popolo, Br�tzfest Tokyo, Berlin JazzFest, London Jazz Festival, Vision
      Festival New York, Vancouver/Int. Jazzfestival, Edmonton/Int.
      Jazzfestival, etc.*
      */still new:/
      Vinyl LP release of live recording @ Berlin JazzFest 2008 on Okka Disc
      <http://okkadisk.com/> :
      *Full Blast and friends (Br�tzmann/Pliakas/Wertm�ller + Keiji Haino,
      Peter Evans, Mars Williams)*
      *FULL BLAST <http://marinopliakas.com/bpw.html>+ FRIENDS, "Crumbling
      Brain" (Okka, 2010)*

      - order from Okka Disc <http://okkadisk.com/> or *directly from the
      */still available:/ *
      **FULL BLAST <http://marinopliakas.com/bpw.html>
      "Black Hole**" **/ **"**Live in Tampere" (2009) *was sold out only after
      4 months!
      Many of you didn't get it anymore ...
      *But...., it's available again!
      *From January 26, 2010 you can get or pre-order the re-designed double
      CD deluxe edition from Atavistic
      <http://www.atavistic.com/albums.php?id=473> (Chicago) or in every good
      record store.
      Please note the new catalogue#: ALP195CD

      *- or: exclusively available directly from the artists as of NOW!*
      send order to mail[at]marinopliakas.com
      price: 30 CHF or 18 EURO or 25$ plus shipping
      (press/bookers: promotional copies on demand)

      /Shades of LAST EXIT (sans guitar) are evident, and FULL BLAST also
      frequently conjures the essence of Brotzmann's landmark early Free
      recording "MACHINE GUN" in it's visceral intensity. Herr Br� himself
      refers to FULL BLAST as "THE TRIO" (Atavistic)
      /*CD1 "Black Hole" (rec. Zurich Radio Studio, March 08)
      CD2 "Live in Tampere" (Tampere Jazz Happening, live rec. YLE Radio
      Finland, Nov 05)*
      "(...)extremely well recorded.(...)Hard to believe that it is only the
      end of January and already we have a contender for the best free/jazz
      disc of the year! (full review: DMG

      "(...)for you to sink your ears into over and over again. This is
      free music at its best: fire, fun, and further exploration of the
      heretofore unknown. (Tom Jurek, full review: All Music Guide
      " (...)God bless European audiences. (JazzTimes)
      "(...)Berlin's greatest underground jazz party since years. (Christian
      Broecking, TaZ)
      "NYC performance of the Year 2007 (All About Jazz New York)
      "Fire music of the highest quality (wordsandmusic
      " (...)das pralle Leben. Brutal, hart, Jazz als Dauer-Schrei und
      lebendig ohne Ende. (Jazznetz.de)
      " (...)Br�tzmann's current trio consolidates his position on the front
      line of possibilities(...)Peter Br�tzmann, the big bad wolf of jazz,
      came to London, and he huffed and he puffed and he blew your house down.
      A standing ovation coaxes the clearly exhausted trio back to the stage .
      (Sunday Times
      London Jazzfestival)
      " (...)exhilarating, focused, cathartic. Fantastic.(www.allaboutjazz.com

      /and also:/ *
      **The first CD has been released in June 2006.
      **BROETZMANN-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER* "Full Blast" (JW 001 , 2006)

      *Info: http://www.marinopliakas.com/bpwtotal.pdf
      Recent youtube documents:
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8iN4Re2opI (Opera Leipzig Jazztage 10)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aOcMjebHAA (Ternopil JazzBez 10)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbDLh-83AQk (Lemberg JazzBez 10)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbiGQQ1ViCc (Berlin JazzFest Nov 08)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhwRlnaTChk (London Jazz Festival Nov 08)
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzMKnpst4pA> (Cheltenham Jazz Festival
      Mai 08)
      Video live take from Moers Festival 2006:

      SOLD OUT:
      Limited numbered bootleg CD edition *BROETZMANN-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER,
      "Farewell Tonic"
      *Live at Tonic Club, New York, April 11 2008 [rec. Bruno Soria, Ulrich
      Only available directly from the artists! Order at

      Wertmueller and Broetzmann * toured for years as a duo and in various
      contexts: Broetzmann's Chicago Tentett, very successful record of the
      two together with William Parker (www.intonemusic.com/nothung
      <http://www.intonemusic.com/nothung.html>) etc. *
      Wertmueller and Pliakas *worked together on various occasions (touring
      together in various bands on festivals all over Europe e.g.
      SKIF-Festival St.Petersburg/Russia, Kaunas Jazzfestival/Lithuania,
      RingRing Festival Belgrade/Serbia, Nozart Festival Cologne/Germany,
      Xperipheria Budapest/Hungary, Long Arms Festival Moscow/Russia,
      Cross-linX festival Enschede and Utrecht/Netherlands,
      Festival Victoriaville/Canada, Sound Forest Riga, Clubtransmediale
      Berlin, Ultraschall Berlin, MaerzMusik Berlin, Unyazi Festival Durban
      etc. together with /Peter Broetzmann, Caspar Broetzmann, Stephan
      Wittwer, John Cale, Holger Csukay, Marian Gold, Mouse on Mars, Jaki
      Liebezeit, KK.Null, //Olaf Rupp, //IVES #1/, and others; cooperation
      with Pliakas' avant trio STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND). Both of them toured
      world wide with their various bands (MW: William Parker Trio, Alboth!,
      16-17, W2; MP: steamboat switzerland, sludge 2000 etc.).

      ["There was nothing to do but surrender to this amazing performance,
      expressing the artist's total, uncompromising belief in the sheer
      physical power of sound to transform the listener- tons of deafening yet
      paradoxically blissful sounds that keep me smiling even now when I think
      about this exceptional trio. "Will the music ever end?" Not when played
      at this intensity! (Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz)"] *

      Anybody considering this info mail as spam: please, return this email
      with "remove" in the subject field.
      I apologize in advance and will delete your address immediately!

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