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ProgDay Pre-Show with FREAK KITCHEN from Sweden!

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  • progluvr@aol.com
    The ProgDay Preshow at LOCAL 506 in Chapel Hill on Friday night, September 2, features the performances of three great bands: • FREAK KITCHEN (Sweden):
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2011
      The ProgDay Preshow at LOCAL 506 in Chapel Hill on Friday night, September
      2, features the performances of three great bands:
      • FREAK KITCHEN (Sweden): Join the acclaimed progressive-metal band and
      axemaster Mattias "IA" Eklundh as they make their first assault on the US.
      "...genre defying albums that mix old-school heavy metal, prog-rock, jazz,
      blues, pop, and every other style under the sun into the mix. There are two
      things a fan of FK can always depend on...the great and underrated guitar
      playing of Eklundh, who shows a great mastery of his instrument...(and) the
      uncharacteristic lyrical approach to FK's lyrics. The songs themselves
      show hooky melodies and a staccato style of guitar playing that usually leads
      to an incredible solo. Be prepared for uber catchiness."- Maskofgojira,
      Don't Count On It Reviews

      • THE GALACTIC COWBOY ORCHESTRA (US): Describing themselves as DIXIE
      DREGS meets RUSH meets MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA...it's jazz-fusion, it's
      proggresive rock, it's southern rock...okay...it’s really bug-eyed bluegrass from
      Zeta Reticuli. "GCO need to be heard, to understand just how high the bar for
      contemporary instrumental music really is in 2011. Fusing together jazz,
      classical, bluegrass, southern rock, Indian ragas, plus their own original
      stylings; this quartet...play with fire, precision and commitment. Their
      brand new release...is simply bursting with individual and collective
      excellence and is a proper showcase for just how talented this group is." - John

      • CAMERON ALLEN TRIO (US): Up-and-coming fusion guitarist Cameron Allen
      and his trio kick off the ProgDay weekend.
      The LOCAL 506 is located at 506 West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. You
      must be at least 18 to attend and a valid ID is required. Tickets are $10 in
      advance or $12 at the door. Doors open at 7:30pm and showtime is 8pm. For
      more information visit the Preshow page on the ProgDay website at

      Join MÖRGLBL (France), THE REBEL WHEEL (Canada), UŽ JSME DOMA (Czech
      Republic), PANZERBALLETT (Germany), QUANTUM FANTAY (Belgium) and FIBONACCI
      SEQUENCE (US) at this year's ProgDay, the longest running progressive rock
      festival in the world. ProgDay's 17th edition will take place on Saturday,
      September 3, and Sunday, September 4 at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North
      Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from all of this year's
      bands, please visit us at www.progday.net.

      Two more ProgDay bands to be announced.

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