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Outre Music Update/A couple live shows in Chicago

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  • Michael Eisenberg
    Hello all, for anyone in or near the Chicago area... Welcome to another one of those updates. I got a couple of very cool shows to let you on about so I ll
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2001
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      Hello all, for anyone in or near the Chicago area...

      Welcome to another one of those updates. I got a couple of very cool shows
      to let you on about so I'll dispense with the shameless self promotion this
      time around and get right to it. (Of course don't let this dissuade you from
      visiting my web site at www.outremusic.com where you'll likely find the
      latest information about what I'm about, some great concert pics, some
      comments on recent listenings, a discussion board and an online resource page
      where you can actually buy this music.)

      On Sunday, July 1st at 8pm...straight from Bologna Italy via Pennsylvania and
      Cleveland-Outre Music is really really happy to present Cuneiform recording


      This dynamic 6 piece of avant rock/jazz/crazy vocal histrionics will be
      performing at Schubas at 3159 N. Sourthport in Chicago, (773) 525-2508.
      Tickets are available in advance from Schubas web site at www.schubas.com or
      at the door the evening of the performance for $10

      Ok people, I'm going to pound my fists on the table on this one and say that
      this is a real treat to have these guys play here. DeM have been around
      since the early 90's and have six records to their credit...all of them
      great. But, to really experience this band, one MUST see them live! I
      caught them a few years ago at a festival in L.A. and let me tell ya
      all...they burned, and burned hard.

      The band consists of a drummer, bass player, violinist, keyboard player,
      guitarist and a quite insane dedicated vocalist that sings many of the lyrics
      in Latin when he isn't singing in Italian. The energy level this unit puts
      out stays at 10 and quite possibly spikes up to 11 at times. It's safe to
      say that from the get go, they grab you, shake you till your teeth rattle and
      then throw you on the hardwood floor only to tread on you with their
      rock/jazz/metal(ish)/fusion(ish) hob nail boots...but enough violence...

      I don't have the slightest idea what Alberto Piras is singing about but I do
      know that he can wail, as can the rest of the band. Instrumentally they're
      extremely impressive, displaying all kinds of jazzy chops and tight power
      grooves that seem to move forward with the force of a locomotive. Their new
      disc will be out on Cuneiform early next year but they will be previewing
      material from it, as well as performing stuff from their back catalog.

      This is DeM's only midwest appearance and who knows when they'll show their
      faces again...so you might want to check this one out.


      On Friday, August 24th, also at Schubas


      Headmaster Daevid returns for a new graduation ceremony...more about these
      commencement activities in a future update.

      That should do it for this time around. Remember, if you know anyone who
      might want to receive these updates, forward it to them or give me their
      e-mail address and I'll add them to the list. Of course, if you don't want
      to hear from me anymore, tell me and I'm history.

      I've got a few other surprises in the pipeline for the fall, none of which
      are confirmed yet. Hopefully they will be soon cuz I'm just dying to tell
      you all about them! Until then...

      till later
      Michael Eisenberg

      Outré Music
      Music Beyond Boundaries

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