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Romantic Warriors documentary DVD is now on sale!

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  • autopoietican
    Dear Progressive Music Friends, We ve got some terrific news! — The Romantic Warriors documentary DVD (NTSC, All Regions) is now on sale at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2010
      Dear Progressive Music Friends,

      We've got some terrific news! — The Romantic Warriors documentary
      DVD (NTSC, All Regions) is now on sale at

      http://www.progdocs.com <http://www.progdocs.com>

      "Romantic Warriors – A Progressive Music Saga"

      by Adele Schmidt & José Zegarra Holder (USA, 2010, 95 Min)

      Inspired by classical progressive rock bands of 40 years ago such as
      Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Pink Floyd,
      young bands of today have transformed progressive music into something
      new. Ignored by today's music industry but empowered by the tools of
      the Internet, these young bands are trying to find their audience while
      crafting a personal sound as an alternative to mainstream music.

      This film is also about the passion and spirit of progressive music
      genre, its music, its festivals, and the ecosystem that supports it.

      Click on the link below to watch the trailer if you have not done so


      http://www.ProgDocs.com <http://www.ProgDocs.com/>

      Next Movie Screening at Orion Sound Studios: Sunday June 13th, 8:00pm

      Orion Sound Studios, 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C, Baltimore, Md.

      About the Film

      This feature length documentary film highlights ten contemporary
      progressive music bands: Cabezas De Cera - Avant/Fusion (Mexico),
      Cheer-Accident - Avant/Experimental (USA), Deluge Grander -Symphonic
      (USA), D.F.A. - Jazz/Fusion (Italy), Karmakanic - Symphonic (Sweden), La
      Maschera Di Cera - Symphonic (Italy), Oblivion Sun - Symphonic
      (USA),Phideaux - Symphonic (USA), Qui - Jazz Canterbury (Japan) and Rob
      Martino - Chapman Stick Player (USA). These musicians tell their
      stories, influences, creative process, challenges they face, and how
      they sell music in the era of Internet downloads.

      This film is also about the passion and spirit of progressive music
      genre, its music, its festivals, and the ecosystem that supports it.

      Latest testimonials:

      Zeitgeist Media co-producers Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder did a
      masterful job of capturing the essence of progressive music as an
      underground phenomenon with aptly titled video documentary Romantic
      Warriors. From bands to record label owners, studio execs to festival
      organizers and the fans themselves, a cross-section of who and what
      comprises this vibrant, passionately driven community is insightfully
      examined via performance footage and interviews. 
 While the
      music's international, cross-cultural appeal receives due coverage,
      the Eastern United States and the Baltimore-Philadelphia region,
      specifically, are acknowledged as the cradle of prog's post-1970s
      artistic renaissance. Consequently, the guiding voices in this piece
      hail from that vicinity – Mike Potter of Orion Sound Studios,
      Cuneiform Records' Steve Feigenbaum, Paul Sears of The Muffins, Dan
      Britton of Deluge Grander, plus others. Also highlighted are Mexican
      band Cabezas de Cera, Chicago group Cheer-Accident, Italy's D.F.A.
      and La Maschera Di Cera, Phideaux Xavier, Gentle Giant alum Gary Green,
      Flower Kings' Roine Stolt, and more.
 John Collinge, editor,
      Progression Magazine

      "This documentary reveals how well progressive rock remains an
      active source of great music nowadays – including lots of input from
      unsung old heroes and new champions of the genre."

      César Inca, Progressive Music Reviewer, Special Collaborator,

      "Romantic Warriors" is an engaging look into the world of today's
      progressive rock movement. It's the story of a handful of artists and
      their musical journeys while crafting a personal sound that shows that
      other possibilities exist than what mainstream music would lead you to
      believe. It's a genre who's roots reach back to the late 60's and
      continue right up through present day. Tackling the true sense of the
      word progression "Romantic Warriors" is here to enlighten the masses
      about rock music that resides beyond the norm yet has much to offer us
      all if we take the time to listen. Sean Tonar, Founder,

      Romantic Warriors is an affectionate, entertaining, and wide-ranging
      survey of the contemporary East Coast prog scene that examines its
      subject from an admirable variety of perspectives: along the way we
      hear from musicians, label owners, festival promoters, venue managers,
      fanzine editors, radio DJs, and perhaps most importantly, fans.
      Professor Ed Macan, author, "Rocking the Classics: English
      Progressive Rock and the Counterculture"

      If you have a story about this ride, please contact us at progdocs AT

      zeitgeistmedia.tv ; we'll share it with everybody!

      Have a great day,

      Adele Schmidt & Jose Zegarra Holder

      Zeitgeist Media LLC

      About the Production

      The production of Romantic Warriors started in early 2009. We have
      interviewed musicians, filmed concerts at progressive music festivals,
      and talked to fans, label owners, and festival organizers.

      The film was released in June 8th 2010, and is available in DVD (NTSC
      All Regions) for sale to the general public. After that, our production
      team will submit the film to national and international film festivals.

      About the Filmmakers:

      Adele Schmidt is a film & video director, producer and editor who has
      won numerous awards in both documentary and fiction films, including
      TIVA-DC's Peer Award, the U.S. International Film and Video Festival
      Award, and the Gabriel Award. She is co-founder of Docs In Progress an
      arts organization, which empowers filmmakers to tell their stories and
      connects them to their audiences. She is co-owner of Zeitgeist Media, an
      independent production company located in suburban Washington, DC.
      Originally from Germany, Adele taught film and video production at the
      National Center for Cinematographic Studies, Mexico City. Currently
      Adele teaches graduate film and video production courses at the School
      of Communication at American University.

      José Zegarra Holder is co-owner of the production company Zeitgeist
      Media LLC. He has been a fan and collector of progressive music since he
      was a teenager. Since 2004, Autopoietican, his blog about contemporary
      progressive music, has served a global Spanish speaking audience,
      particularly in the United States, Latin America, and Spain.

      About Zeitgeist Media:

      High quality video production is the signature of Zeitgeist Media. With
      over 15 years of experience in producing award winning films & videos
      for television, the artistic community and the corporate world,
      Zeitgeist Media is the prime choice for executive video production in
      the Washington DC Metro area and beyond.

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