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Delire Musical announces its 50 best albums for 2008

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  • Francois Couture
    Press Release For immediate release Délire Musical unveils its 50 best albums for 2008 Sherbrooke, December 23, 2008 ‹ The eclectic music radio show Délire
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      Press Release

      For immediate release

      Délire Musical unveils its 50 best albums for 2008

      Sherbrooke, December 23, 2008 ‹ The eclectic music radio show Délire Musical
      (CFLX-FM, Sherbrooke, Quebec) unveiled today the list of the 50 albums
      selected by its team for its special year-end show. This list culls 50
      highly diverse albums in genres as widely spread as folk, post-rock,
      progressive rock, fusion jazz, world music, electronica, and much more.

      ³Délire Musical focuses on all forms of creative yet accessible music,
      everything off the commercial paths,² explained François Couture,
      co-producer of the show.

      Daniel Ouellette, the show¹s other co-producer, quickly added: ³Of course,
      we¹re not saying we¹ve heard everything released in 2008! These are not THE
      best 50 albums this year, but OUR best 50!²

      A special three-hour edition of Délire Musical will be broadcast tonight
      (December 23), from 7 pm to 10 pm (EST), on CFLX. Couture and Oueillette
      will be improvising a playlist from the 50 albums selected, a list of which
      is enclosed. You can tune in to CFLX at 95.5 FM in the Sherbrooke area, or
      anywhere over the web at www.cflx.qc.ca.

      About Délire Musical
      Delire Musical is a radio show devoted to music discovery through
      eclecticism. We tear down the walls between styles and genres. Its playlist
      is improvised on the spot from pre-selected stacks of albums. Delire Musical
      is currently in its 13th year on CFLX 95.5 FM Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada).

      - 30 -

      Media contact:
      François Couture
      Les Services rédactionnels Manche de pelle

      p.j. Delire Musical¹s 50 Best Albums in 2008

      Délire Musical¹s 50 Best Albums in 2008

      Reference Format: Artist Title Label
      New releases and reissues combined. Alphabetical order.

      . The Room of Loud Sound: Heavy Psych from the USA 1968-1972
      (White Lace & Strange Volume 2) Psychic Circle
      Actis Furioso World People Leo
      Adamson, Barry Back to the Cat Central Control
      Anima Mundi Jagannath Orbit Musea
      Arnalds, Olafur Eulogy for Evolution Erased Tapes
      Balmorhea Rivers Arms Western Vinyl
      Barrett, Laura Earth Sciences EP Paper Bag Records
      Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two InsideOut
      Beat Circus Dreamland Cuneiform
      Blue Blokes 3 Stubble Fledg¹ling
      Boom Pam Puerto Rican Nights Essay Recordings
      Brendel, Christian - Zomb Le peuple des songes Musea
      Callers Fortune Western Vinyl
      Canvas Solaris The Atomized Dream Sensory
      Deus Ex Machina Imparis Cuneiform
      DFA 4th Moonjune
      Dub Trio Another Sound is Dying Ipecac Recordings
      Eat Static Back to Earth Interchill
      Elephant9 Dodovoodoo Rune Grammofon
      Falaise, Bernard Clic Ambiances magnétiques
      Foster, Josephine This Coming Gladness Bo¹Weavil
      Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People Dinosaur Power
      Pumpkin Pie
      Gato Libre Kuro Libra
      Helios Caesura Type
      Hotel Hotel The Sad Sea Silber Media
      Hue - Circum Bai Hat Circum Disc
      Jack Dupon L¹échelle du désir Gazul
      Johannsson, Johann Fordlândia 4AD
      Karmakanic Who¹s the Boss in the Factory InsideOut
      Leinonen, Ville Suudelmitar Fonal
      Lento Earthen Supernatural Cat metal
      Little Bang Theory Elementary Acidsoxx Musicks /
      Phonetic Records
      Long Dead Sevens, The The White Waltz & Other Stories
      Beta-lactam Ring
      Maneige Les Porches ProgQuébec
      MÖRGLBL Grötesk Free Electric Sound
      Nisenson, Damián Damián Nisenson Trio + 3 en concert
      Orford, Martin The Old Road Giant Electric Pea
      Orient Express, The The Orient Express Fallout
      OWL Of Wondrous Legends Locust
      Poni Hoax Images of Sigrid Tigersushi
      Quikion Kaprico Musea Parallèle / Poseidon
      Sebkha-Chott Nigla[h]: Tapisseries fines en XXX strips et LXXX
      trompettes Musea Parallèle
      Schulze, Klaus - Lisa Gerrard Farscape SPV
      Tape Luminarium Häpna
      Thieves¹ Kitchen The Water Road Thieves¹ Kitchen
      Van der Graaf Generator Trisector EMI
      Vent du Nord, Le Mesdames et messieurs! Borealis
      Vervloesem, Pierre Not Even Close Off
      Yoke Shire The Witching Hour Zygo
      Zombie Zombie A Land for Renegades Versatile

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