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Re: [avant-progressive] Announcing band #2 for ProgDay 2001 ... POLYDACTYL!

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  • Michael Eisenberg
    Hello everyone, Welcome to another installment of the Outré Music Update. Before the show stuff, I would like to point everyone in the direction of the web
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      Hello everyone,

      Welcome to another installment of the Outré Music Update. Before the show
      stuff, I would
      like to point everyone in the direction of the web sight: www.outremusic.com

      Here you'll find all the latest news in Outréland plus pics, thoughts on some
      of my favorite music
      and a bulletin board where you can post anything your hearts desire. Check it
      out, tell your
      friends and spread the word. If anyone knows any newsgroups or e-mail lists
      that might
      appreciate this sorta stuff, feel free to forward this newsletter. Remember,
      without you...I'm

      This Wednesday, April 4th
      CHRIS CUTLER with The All Rectangle
      Martyrs', 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago
      (773) 404-9494
      Tickets available at the door.

      I've waited a long time for this show to happen but finally, the date draws
      Percussionist/electro-acoustic sound manipulator CHRIS CUTLER returns to
      Chicago for two
      sets in an improvised context.

      The first set will be Chris solo. Although no one is ever quite sure what to
      expect from a solo
      Cutler set, I believe this will be performed on drums and table top electronic
      gear...and by this,
      I don't exactly mean lap tops. We're talkin a large table set up with all
      kinds of weird shit
      wired for sound. On some of the recordings I've heard, the sounds he concocts
      from this set
      up are, at any given time, soothing, jarring, industrial, terrifying and
      apocalyptic. He also has
      one of the most unorthodox kit drum styles I've ever seen which really needs
      to be witnessed.

      The second set, also improvised will be in collaboration with locals, THE ALL
      The All Rectangle is a group of musicians committed to stretching the
      boundaries of music,
      technology, and genre with a completely unique approach. Consisting of three
      of the midwest's
      most diverse musicians, The All Rectangle brings together elements of jazz,
      drum 'n bass,
      electronica, classical, rock, and improvised music, creating original
      instrumental compositions.
      There upcoming CD entitled Ke Ala Mano, will be released in June 2001 on New
      Music and features Mark Kirschenmann and Fareed Haque. Since the groups
      inception in
      January 2000, the have developed a faithful audience having shared bills with
      high profile
      groups such as King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn and his Band and Deep Banana
      Blackout to
      name a few.

      The possibilities for this second set are endless so this is definitely a show
      not to be missed.
      Here's what Monica Kendrick had to say about Chris Cutler in this weeks Spot
      Check column
      in the Chicago Reader:

      Drummer Chris Cutler is the kind of musician that music writers love, unless
      they're being
      edited for length. Part of what's remarkable about this Englishman is his
      almost militant
      citizen-of-the-world quality: over the course of his nearly 40-year career,
      he's played with
      musicians from Italy, Sweden, Africa, Japan, and the U.S. He's collaborated
      with sorely
      underrated Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu and the Eurythmics' Dave
      Stewart, and
      besides his now legendary work with Henry Cow, he's been absorbed into the
      Pere Ubu
      extended family and plays semiregularly with Fred Frith and Peter Blegvad.
      He's also an
      intelligent and prescient commentator and
      activist: he cofounded Rock in Opposition, a collective that grew out of Henry
      Cow's dream of
      a multinational organization that would challenge American and
      British major-label hegemony over rock--or at least point out that, as Cutler
      writes, "there was
      plenty of interesting music around and you couldn't depend on the music press
      or the record
      companies to find it for you." This was in 1977--years before the first
      "Corporate Rock Sucks"
      T-shirt was printed and roughly around the same time the Sex Pistols were
      lambasting EMI
      from their new perch at Virgin--but it's still a noble and necessary goal. As
      a musician, Cutler's
      a restless soul, applying his fidgety intelligence to the nitty-gritty of
      playing: on a CD-R of a
      recent solo performance in Tokyo, he creates a skittering, shimmering, and
      witty dialogue with
      himself. For this gig, he'll play a solo set, then improvise with the talented
      local fusion ensemble
      the All Rectangle, who are set to release their first CD.

      More about Chris at www.ccutler.com

      Thursday, May 17th
      Martyrs', 3855 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago
      (773) 404-9494
      Tickets available (or will be soon) at www.martyrslive.com or at the door.

      ...just briefly since you know I'm going to be expounding at length about this
      one in future

      MIKE KENEALLY is the guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist who has been celebrated
      for his
      stunning work with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai (currently), Robert Fripp and many
      others. BEER
      FOR DOLPHINS is the band devoted to playing Mike's music.

      This is going to be one helluva fine show so mark your calenders...more about
      it later.

      And now for the bad news...The PRESENT show that was scheduled for June 6th
      has been
      postponed. The band assures me that they will be gracing the fine stage at
      Martyrs' to play
      their soft, dulcet melodies sometime in the September/October time
      frame...stay tuned and...

      Till later
      Michael Eisenberg

      Outré Music
      Music Beyond Boundaries
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