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New Richard Leo Johnson, New Ray Russell, Popul Vuh Reissue Tonight

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    Join the Gagliarchives tonight 2/04/06, 10pm Eastern Time, for program 938, as we feature more new music from the Cuneiform Records label. We ll be featuring
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      Join the Gagliarchives tonight 2/04/06, 10pm Eastern
      Time, for program 938, as we feature more new music from the
      Cuneiform Records label. We'll be featuring the new disc from
      Richard Leo Johnson titled The Legend Of Vernon McAlister, and Ray
      Russell and his new recording featuring Gary Husband, Simon Phillips
      and many others titled Goodbye Svengali. We'll also spotlight our
      new #1 disc in requests from The Tangent titled A Place In The
      Queue. We'll feature recent music from Texas band Stride and their
      Imagine CD, British Psych band Circulus and their The Lick On The
      Tip Of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent CD. We'll spotlight Sigur Ros as
      they make their way to Southern New Jersey this week. We'll also
      feature the latest release from Chardeau Hors Portee titled
      Instrumental Section featuring Violinist Jerry Goodman.
      We'll also begin our 2006 spotlight on German project Popul Vuh in
      our 4th Hour Space Out by spotlighting all of the recent reissues
      with bonus tracks by kicking off with the 1970 debut Affenstunde.
      Lots of other surprises as well...stay tuned!

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