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SV: [avant-progressive] Digest Number 1990

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  • Pierre Tassone
    ... Fra: avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com [mailto:avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com] På vegne af François Couture Sendt: 31. juli 2005 23:08 Til:
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
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      Fra: avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com
      [mailto:avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com] På vegne af François Couture
      Sendt: 31. juli 2005 23:08
      Til: avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com
      Emne: Re : [avant-progressive] Digest Number 1990

      I've been a member for a month or so and my ears have never been happier.

      ??? I guess it has to be taken at level X of metaphoric language because if
      such recordings beat in your ears the pleasure of professional well crafted
      sound engineering (mobile studios or whatsoever) and unless they should be
      so extremely unique for some reason ..... then I've nothing to add.

      I found amazing recordings ..... Magma (the Tritonales 2004 show),

      Well this is the best example you could choose. But let me know what the
      people supposed to release this concert DO think of this brilliant and
      amazing idea. I guess they're so happy and already clap in their hands when
      they see such a huge internet brotherhood; it makes it definitely easier for
      them to release it, right? So .... sensible souls .... please close your
      eyes or go away because I'm gonna be very rude within a few seconds. You may
      shoot at me as much as you want!

      The problem with many of you guys (no specific names but the ones concerned
      will without no doubt recognize themselves)is that you don't give a shit of
      anything BUT what you want to GET! If your action hurts some or makes it
      extremely difficult for other to make a living of the artistic product
      related to your greed, many won't care a second because they GOT it, they
      now OWN the thing, they'll very affably behave and pretend being a very
      friendly person by *offering* someone else a copy of THE thing, woow big
      service there, so fucking nice guys! some other will go for the double moral
      behaviour, pretending they care but going for IT anyway; still some more
      will at the opposite really have a fair approach or more reflected and
      respectful attitude but I'm afraid they're a minority in the big pond.

      I do agree that trading music with friends is NOT a bad thing, it surely
      even enrich everyone's musical culture but:

      + the download mentality is growing out of proportions and getting more and
      more organized; we're moving more and more from the friend to friend into a
      huge system controlled by some hidden interests. It's NOT that free. Nothing
      is THAT free! Give just your mail address and be sure you will be part of
      someone's marketing policy or profiling. New structures will earn money from
      it while the ones supposed to get some will never get a dime while smiles
      and nice words will not be missing .... The reign of hypocrisy!

      + no one really controls, knows of *in the absolute* or care about possible
      conflictual situations due to planned release projects being bombed out by
      free downloads. Some production may take monthes or years before getting
      released but many concerts ARE already in the street a few days after; it
      was so with bootlegging and it's exactly the same now, only the name has
      changed; and the sound quality ... and the technology used .... and the
      speed of propagation .... so don't say this has been thought out! It's a
      cheap copy dressed in false morality.

      + I'm still persuaded that there is an inflated show off egotrip related to
      the attitude of many downloaders; hey! Do YOU have the latest .... ? *I*
      have IT! Do you want to see ALL my (put the name of your favourite artist
      here) collection? Let me show you something very rare .... *I* have it, the
      musicians don't! I can trade it to you (he he he I'm getting something out
      of what is not mine).

      + I bet that in the long run, many will suffer from this anarchy +
      superindividualistic state of things; and who knows what will be left
      someday for the boulimic downloaders? Maybe they'll have to get back to
      musical boiled potatoes. Or they'll get strangled by the amount of stuff
      they downloaded and never listened to! Or they'll get sick of receiving so
      many spam mails but how's the heck did they get my address?

      + whatever I or many other say in that matter, the NEED of getting IT will
      still be far stronger than anything else. It's a sickness alike ludomaniacs.

      + the internet download mentality perfectly reflects the evolution of our
      entire societies where mostly everywhere in this world, the rulers are:
      money, greed, power, everyday increasing of super individualism (*I* first
      and maybe others after), fanatism.

      We're living in such a wonderful world!

      Your pin in the ass,

      Jeremy Cricket

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