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robert fripp apologises to bob carruthers

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    From: Robert Fripp Subject: robert fripp apologises to bob carruthers Dear Mr. Carruthers, I apologise unreservedly for my recent rude, personal & insulting
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
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      From: Robert Fripp
      Subject: robert fripp apologises to bob carruthers

      Dear Mr. Carruthers,

      I apologise unreservedly for my recent rude, personal & insulting
      references to yourself that are the subject of your letter of
      25th. April. For me to make the claim that you have upset nearly everyone
      whose music you have, in some way, presented is arrogant & assumptive: how
      could I possibly know all the artists that Classic Rock Productions have
      released? My comments were unseemly, immoderate & unacceptable. I appeal to
      your generosity & magnanimity & hope that you are able to accept this
      apology in the spirit in which it is offered.

      I don't control any enthusiast website, but I do send posts, comments &
      news items to two sites that are historically most directly related to King
      Crimson - Elephant Talk & Krimson News. This apology has been sent to both
      and I will encourage them to forward the apology to other sites of related

      And I don't believe that, once anything has appeared online, it goes
      away. Someone, somewhere, always has a copy of a post that has been made;
      some linked site, somewhere, remains unchanged. Once we have sent off a
      post, then it will persist, somewhere; and if not online, then in someone's
      personal database. This is clearly beyond my control. I respect your
      passion for the music & players of your interest, as reflected in your
      online comments to sites that hold your own passion as fan &
      enthusiast. Perhaps you will therefore be able to forgive the inappropriate
      online expression of my own passion, as a player.

      Although it is impossible for me remove my comments from the internet, what
      I am able to do is send this apology along the same route as my unseemly
      comments & ask that it be forwarded on to other sites of related
      interest. If you wish to make a statement of your own, and I know you are
      familiar with the process of posting to discussion groups, you may wish to
      do so from your own initiative; and you have your own CRP
      site. Alternatively, if you wish to forward a statement to me, I will
      forward it on in the same way that I make my own postings.

      The criticisms of your products were all taken from bona fide online
      criticisms on enthusiast sites. No doubt you have sufficient faith in your
      work, and are big enough personally, to deal with such consumer criticism
      as you receive. You also link to critical commentary from your CRP website.

      Similarly, when I make a post to ET (on whatever subject), this in no way
      guarantees support for my views from other posters (historically, often the
      reverse). For example, from ET1205.

      > Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 17:01:40 GMT
      > From: ww55524 <ET05133@...>
      > Subject: Inside King Crimson DVD and CD
      > Inside King Crimson DVD and CD
      > A statement from Robert Fripp and DGM
      >Does anyone else detect the whiff of rampaging hypocrisy from Mr Fripp
      >His beef with this issue is that it 'scams the artists, the music & the
      >fans'. I find this a peculiar point of view coming from someone who has
      >made part of his living by selling bootleg quality versions of King Crimson
      >concerts, only legitimising is by calling it a 'Collectors Club' in the
      >hope that the die-hards will fall for it. A number of the releases from the
      >KC have been close to unlistenable in quality. I suppose no one is
      >compelling any of us to buy into the KCCC, but then
      >again no one is compelling anyone to buy from the 'Inside The Music' series
      >Then it all becomes clear -
      >> Sid Smith writes:
      >> For several months DGM has been undertaking research on producing a >
      >>compilation of archive video footage of the band in all its >
      >Ah. Right. Now I see. Don't buy *his* dodgy gear. Buy ours instead.

      Yours sincerely,

      Robert Fripp.


      End of Elephant Talk Digest #1206

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