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Montreal : Detroit Metal, Parts Unknown : the mind and the moon VI

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  • Suhrid Manchanda
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2000
      <apologies for any cross-posting. we don't want to piss anyone off : we try
      to send out our info to people we feel would be interested. serious issues :
      please feel free to contact us>

      back with our first event post-Explo 2000; this time : rocking sounds from
      the way/with out�

      Detroit Metal
      Parts Unknown
      Wednesday October 4th, 9 p.m.
      Casa del Popolo, 4873 St. Laurent, Montreal
      (press folks : kindly RSVP for a free pass : contact :

      Detroit Metal
      is not metal. not all the time anyway. so what is it? just a bunch of
      university kids jamming, basically; but the music is of the finest calibre,
      we kid you not : the most confusing fusion, mutating out of their love for
      diverse musics from the usual suspects when it comes to
      experimental/avantguard music to the 99 cent record bins of thrift stores on
      well forgotten streets to the stuff that does its rounds on the turntables
      of connoisseurs of the finest grooves.
      psychedelic post- rot-rock space bop susceptible to bursts of choppy
      rhythmic funk gems. at times, you will envision robots breakdancing while at
      others you will feel your head being bashed by concrete slabs fashioned out
      of colorful grafitti walls of noise. there is no predicting the soundscapes
      Detroit Metal will take you to. and all of it is improvised.
      Detroit Metal is 5 kids : Melanie Benard, Will Glass, Suhrid Manchanda,
      Darren Peacock, Ed Orloff and two ku kids : Alex Moskos, Joel Taylor and
      expected guests (big kids) : Magali Babin, Phillipe Lambert, �ric
      Letourneau. all on guitars, keyboards, drums, pots & pans, voice, tape
      loops, wind instruments� but come expecting nothing (but fun) and win
      Detroit Metal a place in your heart.

      Parts Unknown
      math rock weird song structure jerk-offs from Toronto.

      assorted information :

      - look out for American Devices 20th Anniversary 7-inch release on October
      31st 2000; features Detroit Metal, Ph�cus and Corpusse.
      - Detroit Metal�s Will Glass plays with Sam Shalabi, Andre Asselin, Thierry
      Amar and Alex McSween in Sloth Is The Love.
      - Suhrid plays with artsy garage rock group Da Bloody Gashes.
      - Ed shoots flicks.
      - Melanie hosts Venus and Underground Soundz on CKUT 90.3 FM (www.ckut.ca)
      - Darren macks self-made electronix with his feet.

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