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Pain killer

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  • James Huggett
    avant-progressive@egroup ... Well, I have the guts of a virgin and buried secrets ep s on earache back in England. I would describe it as sludgy improvised
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000

      > Does anybody know the group 'Painkiller'. Members are John Zorn, Bill
      > Laswell and a drummer.
      > A couple of weeks ago, my friend gave me a copy of a double-CD album
      > 'Execution Ground',
      > and I'm really impressed by this album (especially the first CD, second CD
      > is the ambient version of the first one).
      > If you know, how can you describe their music? and
      > can you please recommend me another artists-albums or sounds like it to me?

      Well, I have the 'guts of a virgin' and 'buried secrets' ep's on earache back in
      I would describe it as sludgy improvised jazz spazz core. Not sure if execution
      ground is the same style.

      Certainly rougher and more inebriated than Naked City, despite the 'usual
      suspects' of new york cliquedom you mention - drummer is ex napalm death and
      scorn mastermind , mitch harris.

      I havn;t heard Borbotemagus, but if you like jazz-spazz-noise, I hear they are

      Ok guys - I found a magma mp3 on ( yes -- guess where i found it) called Urgon
      and Gorgo.
      Expecting a rip from Attack, instead its a 'stripped' down 2 bass guitar magma in
      extremely fluttery, fusiony form - possibly live. Any idea what album this is
      off? I was quite excited, as I had never heard it before.

      In the record shop recently perusing the jazz section, saw a CD by the violin
      player from Magma circa. Live (lockwood?) - he looked very, errrrr...mainstream
      jazz/classical on the front cover, not that theres anyhting wrong with that, it
      was just kinda funny knowing early in his career he was a member of cutting edge
      underground black garbed jazz-rock ensemble.

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