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9838RE: [avant-progressive] ** Soviet Avant Jazz **

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  • Ivan Lapse
    Dec 2, 2003
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      --- mark jung <markvj@...> wrote:
      > Alright, let me ask YOU a question --
      > how do I get on your holiday list?
      > Mark

      Ha! Well, uh, it's an arcane ritual involving
      Non-Euclidean Geometry. :)

      Seriously, thanks to everyone who wrote in with the
      suggestions about vendors for these sets. I was sorta
      under the impression that they had all dried up, but
      it looks as if they are all still more than available
      at very reasonable prices.

      Now if I could only find a copy of the original
      CONSPIRACY box set from a decade ago . . . got a copy
      of this to spare Mark? That would get you on my
      holiday list quick like. :)

      Thanks again!


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