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8056Re: Sv: [avant-progressive] Re: 90s vs. 70s.

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  • Bob Netherton
    Aug 1, 2003
      On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 03:33, PIERRE TASSONE wrote:
      > Well, the reverse side of the medal

      AHhh, il Rovescio Della Medaglia - but they're a 70's band :-)
      Contaminazione is a bit overrated, but I really like La Bibbia.

      > how many of you have children listening to a hit of theirs and
      > not being able to name the musicians on it, the lead singer or
      > guitarist or keyman or the track's title?

      Ahh. don't ask my daughter. She has inherited my taste. She
      will go from Britney Spears to Miriodor. She pouted for a
      week when I told here I wasn't bringing her to NEARfest
      this year.

      > coming home with a bunch of CDs and a smile in your face
      > you're a happy guy, look forward to hearing it and maybe
      > will end with not listening to some, remotely or distractly
      > listening to others,

      You raise a very good point here. I came back from NEARfest
      with a reasonable stash of new music - but I have only listened
      to maybe 10% of it, for that reason. Don't want to sample, form
      too quick an opinion. Of that stash, a couple have really
      grabbed me (the Mr Albert Show in particular). Today I'll probably
      break into a couple of others.

      Heck, I don't even think I've added any gnosis grades on
      any of this stuff. Probably better do that today......

      > how many records will you have listened to entirely, without
      > falling asleep, without zapping, just you awake and 100% receptive
      > to the music with all your analysing capabilities or your complete
      > body of emotions?

      Between paying the bills, working for a living, raising a family,
      car repair, home repair, have I mentioned the family :-) - very

      So your point is that it wasn't just the musicians that were more
      focused back then ? Could be.

      Someone said it earlier, I think the sound takes us back to a time
      that is recognizable, comfortable. That is probably the case for
      me. But you do make some very intriguing points.

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