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8047Re: Sv: [avant-progressive] Re: 90s vs. 70s.

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  • Thomas Overstreet
    Aug 1, 2003
      I have to beg to differ, back in the 60/70s there were very few resources to even find out about any decent music. most music back then was really terrible and it's only because of people like us who have the passion and searched out all the great stuff. Back then it seemed everybody had a band or knew someone who was in a band, I was in a few myself and 99% were really bad. Record companies grabbed up alot of those bands and put out alot of garbage unknowing and uncaring just to see if it would sell. Today you can hear samples of nearly anything you want, look a little harder and you can probably download it somewhere to check it out before buying. Album artwork and information, yeah I miss that and do tend to have a soft spot for the mini LP covers but you have websites now where you can get so much more and maybe even talk to the members of the group.


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