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8042Sv: [avant-progressive] Re: 90s vs. 70s.

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    Aug 1 1:33 AM
      Well, the reverse side of the medal is that we're today trapped in over consumption. The choice is huge, the search facilities too, internet, cell phones, etc... but we/they don't go as deep in the music as we did before. One single example: how many of you have children listening to a hit of theirs and not being able to name the musicians on it, the lead singer or guitarist or keyman or the track's title? I remember toying with the cover of Genesis's Foxtrot for MONTHES, looking at every detail for hours, listening to this record again and again, able to sing every word from memory together with Gabriel big man, even if I only understood part of the lyrics (tough for an 18 years old froggie). Only a few monthes later would I buy another record (or get the money for it). Today you're (well here mostly adults with a payjob) coming home with a bunch of CDs and a smile in your face; you're a happy guy, look forward to hearing it and maybe will end with not listening to some, remotely or distractly listening to others, conscious about the problem but relying confidently on tomorrow's possibilities, throwing the unlucky disc on fate's growing pile somewhere in your house and finally how many records will you have listened to entirely, without falling asleep, without zapping, just you awake and 100% receptive to the music with all your analysing capabilities or your complete body of emotions?

      Honestly? 10%? 50%? ... mo..re? I would dare say that we knew more about the music back then because we REALLY listened to it, body and soul! Today we're fooling ourselves that we know a record because we nearly heard all of it once (exaggerated for giving an idea of the picture). And worst we condamn, judge, ban, skip on this very basis. Think if judges worked the same way in the court house!


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      Emne: Re: [avant-progressive] Re: 90s vs. 70s.

      I envy the kids of today for the ease that they will be able to find the music that is truly special to them and it can only get better. Wtih over 30 years of listening experience behind me I look forward to the new music for me to find that has yet to be created.
      > Thom
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