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7598Re: NEARfest (Alamaailman Vasarat?)

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  • Mitchell Shannon Loe
    Jul 2, 2003
      --- In avant-progressive@yahoogroups.com, Thomas Overstreet
      <otomsgarden@m...> wrote:

      > Sleepytime Gorillia Musuem - These guys were a blast, I had never
      heard anything by them before and really can't compare them to anyone
      else. On one hand dark and down right scary but one the other hand fun
      and very entertaining. With influences from all over the planet and
      many of them being played at the same time and contrasting as well.
      Easily this years Miriodor of NEARfest. I will be picking up
      everything these guys and girl have out as soon as I have the cash.

      I like these people as well, though not as much as Idiot Flesh, where
      most of them use to be. Do you have "Fancy"? Highly recommended.

      I wish I could have gone to NEARfest. It was a great line-up and I'm
      sure many interesting people I'm getting to know electronically were

      > Alamaailman Vasarat - These guys are great, two cellos electricfied
      with the overdrive stomp boxs maxed out playing jewish party music.
      If you're having a party and need a band to play these guys will bring
      the house down. I will be getting everything I can by these guys.

      This sounds wonderful to me. I have a lot of interesting cello stuff,
      but I've never heard of them. Does anyone else here know about them,
      have recommendations and or sources for their stuff? Thanks--Mitch
      > Thom
      > AKA Grandpa Rocks
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