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  • Thomas Overstreet
    Jul 1, 2003
      I got back from NEARfest yesterday but was really way too tired and not making much sense to be posting anything. I had a wonderful time and was able to to faces to the names of many who I know from the several yahoo lists I'm on including this one. I figured I would post a quick overview for those who couldn't make it

      Magma - In just one word WOW, I've only been into Magma for a short time and this was my first time for seeing them. I was completely exhausted halfway through the show, then they got even better. Both the guitarist and bassist were complete monsters and could have easily fronted their own groups and kept the crowd entertained. Vander makes Godzillia look like a pet lizard. I see myself picking up much more of their stuff in the future and I know who to ask when I have the bucks to do so.

      Tunnels- was an off balanced dud. Killer musicians with no directions who threw in a very boring drum solo to fill up their time slot, bad move. I was actually looking forward to seeing these guys. Percy is one of the all time great bass players in my book and he took a wonderful solo that would have kept Michael Manring's attention. The Vibe player was wild and entertaining. The violin player just filled in space for me and the guitarist John Goodall who was great seemed to have a problem which I won't go into.

      Sleepytime Gorillia Musuem - These guys were a blast, I had never heard anything by them before and really can't compare them to anyone else. On one hand dark and down right scary but one the other hand fun and very entertaining. With influences from all over the planet and many of them being played at the same time and contrasting as well. Easily this years Miriodor of NEARfest. I will be picking up everything these guys and girl have out as soon as I have the cash.

      High Wheel - these guys were just OK for me, the guitar play is very good but as a group pretty typical for todays new want to be a prog band.

      The Flower Kings - Just plain wonderful, Hasse Brunisson kept my attention the whole time. If you like Symphonic Prog these guys are the top of the pile. I saw YES last summer and I won't bother again while there are groups like the Flower Kings around. Tomas Bodin is todays Rick Wakeman but with todays technology, he just makes it look too easy.

      Camel - Very good at what they do and I enjoyed them very much as a change of pace. Andy is a great guitar player who deserves any good that comes his way.

      Glass Hammer - Sorry i didn't bother, I took the time to make a good friend a better friend, Thanks for spending the time with me Renato.

      Kraan - Very good at that funky jammy a little on the fusiony side kind of thing but sorry to say it's not really my thing so I didn't hang around

      Anglagard - Wonderful, to ut it simply. I very new to these guys and it's very nice to see a younger crowd breathing life into the stuff I grewup loving. I picked up both their CDs prior to seeing them (all ready had a copy of Hybris and really enjoyed it) and after seeing them, the CDs at $20 a pop were a good investment to me. Very low key performers with a very dynamic sound. Sound quality was perfect, I could go one but I'll just say they could very well be the future of symphonic prog.

      Alamaailman Vasarat - These guys are great, two cellos electricfied with the overdrive stomp boxs maxed out playing jewish party music. If you're having a party and need a band to play these guys will bring the house down. I will be getting everything I can by these guys.

      AKA Grandpa Rocks
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