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7131Re: [avant-progressive] Barnabe, Arrigo- "Clara Crocodilo"

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  • moraes@unb.br
    May 1, 2003
      Hi Craig,
      FreackCha said everything already, but as brazilian I have to add my 2 cents.

      Clara Crocodilo 1980 is the original recording and it is one of the best
      avant-prog made in Brasil. It brings songs talking about women, girls, whores,
      dancers, super orgasms and Clara Crocodilo (althouth Clara is a female name,
      Clara here is a guy) that is a poor office boy that sees his old girl friend
      as a dancer in a TV show. Now he nows that he will never be able to get hr
      back because he is poor and she is a famous TV dancer. Then he sees and
      advertsiment in a newspaper about easymoney. He went there in this crazy
      laboratory and after some injections he turned to be an assassin monster
      called Clara Crocodilo. If you understand a bit of portuguese, all the lyrics
      are REALLY FUNNY and the music is great.

      THe other version is live and it is really great.

      The original Clara Crocodilo was followed by Tubaroes Voadores that is very
      nice too.

      After that Arrigo made several soundtracks that are not very great and one
      or 2 works.

      He compose the opera rock Gigante Negao and made just 2 or 3 shows that he
      hated. After years he met the sound engeneer of these shows that recorded one
      of the nights and after Arrigo listened to it decided to release it as CD. I
      am not sure, but I think it might be an incomplete set. I wasn't in any of the
      shows and although the story is complete crazy and insane it is a kind of

      All these CDs are hard to find now, if you don't have and can get a copy of
      them, run.


      Quoting Craig <vdorje@...>:

      > Hullo,
      > Can anyone explain the difference here?
      > Barnabe, Arrigo Clara Crocodilo Bra 1980
      > and................
      > Barnabe, Arrigo Clara Crocodilo Bra 1999
      > Just heard (one of these) & was 'blown away"!
      > Also any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
      > Craig
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