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640Re: [avant-progressive] Digest Number 144

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  • Marquee
    May 2, 2000
      Hello Renato and all,

      > Hi all,
      > I saw these titles on the net. It seems they are new releases. Any of you
      > have some information about them?
      > Cheer Accident- The Why Album

      Sorry, don't know about this one.

      I can recommend this one.
      > Ensemble Nimbus - Garmonbozia
      This one is brand new but recorded around the same time (96-99), and
      with the same personnel as their 2nd "Scapegoat".
      Hakan Almkvist:guitar,bass,keyboards,voiceetc,
      Lars Bjork:Clarinet,bass clarinet,
      Hasse Bruniusson:acoustic & electric drums, percussion,voice, (btw:I've
      heard he has left Samla. Does anyone knows the detail?)
      Kirk Chilton:viola,violin
      +Tomas Bodin:keyboards on 2 tracks
      Stefan Carlsson:keyboards on 2 tracks

      Naturally it sounds quite similar with the last one. In the vein of
      Samla/Von Zamla, with bit darker approach. Anyone who has enjoyed their
      past offerings, or Samla/Von Zamla should be pleased by this.