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5204I.D Company (Dagmar Kraus)

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  • meidad <meidad@yahoo.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      The Third LP in which Dagmar Kraus participated, Recorded in 1970 and
      IMO a VERY VERY interesting LP. The music is Ahead of it's time and
      even more avant-Gardish then most of her later works.

      The link to the album:


      Should apply to all Dagmar & Experimental & Psych lovers.

      there is a bootleg CD reissue made by Germanofon (941083)

      Does anyone know any of those albums:

      1) The City Preachers Der Kurbis, Das Transportproblem und dir
      Traumtanzer, 1968
      Decca SLK 16575-P (W.GERMANY/*TV SOUND TRACK), 1968.

      2) The City Preachers Das transport Problem und die Traumtanzer, 1970