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3966Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/Krakatoa/Shawn Persinger in Baltimore Saturday

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  • Adam Levin
    Apr 2, 2002
      Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
      Orion Sound Studios
      2903 Whittington Ave
      Baltimore MD
      Saturday, April 6th, 2002 8pm

      Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
      Shawn Persinger is Prestor John

      Celebrating over 20 years in existance, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
      is the world's hardest rocking chamber quartet. These Boston-based
      musicians make music so natural, yet so alien; challenging, yet
      elegant; fiery and instinctive, yet elevated and studied. It's loads of
      fun and quite unlike anything you've ever heard.

      See http://www.birdsongsofthemesozoic.org/

      Krakatoa is a Brooklyn-based band of bass/violin/keyboard/drums which
      migrated north from Philadelphia in January 2000. To get an idea of what
      they sound like, imagine if Daniel Johnston had studied under Bartok, or
      if Itzhak Perlman hit the road with the Magnetic Fields. A head blend of
      classical, jazz and RIO enfluences, this is the musical world of trouble
      known as Krakatoa.

      See http://www.etherdrag.com/krakatoa/

      Shawn Persinger is well known to Baltimore audiences. From his days as the
      guitarist in th eelectric eclectic pioneering Boud Deun to his recent solo
      acoustic efforts. Shawn will open up the evening with his solo acoustic

      See http://www.persingermusic.com/

      Tickets for this all ages show are $15 in advance via Ticketweb at

      For directions and more information, please visit The Progressive Rock Web
      Site at http://www.progrock.net/

      Other Upcoming Shows:
      May 18th: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Dysrhythmia


      T h e D a r k A e t h e r P r o j e c t

      ** The new CD "The Gentle Art of Firewalking" is available from:
      Amazon.com - Artist-Shop.com - CDBaby.com - CDStreet.com - LaserCD.com
      MandMMusic.com - OSMind.com - SynPhonic.8m.com - WaysideMusic.com