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385Paolo Tofani: Un altro universo - review

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  • michael@bohn.dk
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Hi Steve and all.
      I promised you a review of Paolo Tofani: Un altro universo 1983
      So here is my impressions:
      I got it from Switerland were it appears to have been recorded and released.
      The seller described it as a great album..

      John Mclaughlin benefited from his meeting with Sri Chinmoy.
      Chick Corea benefited from his meeting with Scientology.
      Robert Fripp benefited from his meeting with the Gurdieff-Ouspensky thinking.
      AND naturally I cannot tell what would have happened to Paolo Tofani if he
      had not joined Hare Krishna - BUT everything he produced with AREA and the solo album Indicazioni
      is in another league.
      On the cover you see him sitting in his Hare Krishna outfit with his
      double cut-away Gibson Les Paul guitar - so it's him allright.
      He plays every instrument (electronic drums, keyboards and guitars)and
      he sings too, backed up by a female choir that is not mentioned on the cover.
      The first tune is a country-influenced rock'n roll, shu bi dua type tune with a
      boom chi, boom chi, rytm box pacing.
      Next tune is a pop-tune that starts with rythm box clapping, boom ba pa synth bass etc.
      Next tune has a sequenser bass riff - soft 'New Order'-like maybe.
      Next tune is disco-like but with a funny guitarsolo.
      - and well the next 3 tunes are different, but not more interesting.
      A funny guitarsolo that shows that he is experienced and
      technical very kompetent pops up in a tune.
      Melodicly some of it could (if I am nice to him) remind a little of
      Stormy Six: Al Volo. But it's not fair to this creative group & great album.
      The lack of energy and dynamics is prominent. The use of rythmbox is a mystery.
      I guess this album is made for a Hare Krishna audience without any greater
      listening experience...my Italian language skills are not well developed,
      but it seems that every tune is a Hare Krishna song.
      My kids thinks it's moderately o.k., but should have beem sung in danish :-)
      My mind is at ease - I dont need to buy more Tofani albums made after 1977... :-)

      Michael Bohn