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3665Re: Florian Fricke (Popol Vuh) R.I.P.

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  • mkbox0
    Jan 4, 2002
      steve wrote:

      >and my all time favorite:
      Letzte Tage - Leizte Nachte

      yea, from your mention i found a pretty glowing review: ..more encouragement to
      mount the bony pony & peddle on over to the local rec shop (not the
      best place, but the nearest). the only PV in the whole snore was
      something called "Nicht Hoch Im Himmel" (Not High In Heaven). small
      print on back: "between 1971 and 1986", should have been more than a
      hint, but i grabbed it anyway. sure nuff, a compilation! damn. (&
      with no mention anywhere as to where each track is from!!)
      all & all, aside from the deceptive packaging, not a bad disk. it
      *does* have that cool bit from Nosferatu so ..it will do until Letzte

      coincidentally, i also happened upon an *affordable* copy of This
      Heat's Peel Sessions. excellent!! Makeshift, in particular, is one
      wicked number with Hayward's mutant alien vocals becoming only a
      little irritating at the end there. no complaint.

      and Rova Sax's "As Was" for my first buy's of '02.

      -mark k
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