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  • Aletta en/of Peter
    Sep 1, 2001
      Just got back from a little trip to the Czech Republik and found some lovely albums.

      For one thing: the Fermata album (see latest news from Wayside) is really very nice. I you like Finch, you'lll like this one even more!
      I found also Iva Bittova's Bile Inferno and this one is really super!!! One of her best recordings as far as I know.

      And I found 2 extra copies of Synkopy.
      Synkopy - Slunecni Hodiny (1981)
      Synkopy - Zrcadla(1986)/ Dlouha Noc(1990) (2CD)

      Synkopy is a Czechoslovakian five-piece (2 keys, guitar, bass, drums, vocals) whose leader and primary songwriter, Oldrich Vesely, was once a member of another great Czech band: Modry Efekt. Many comparisons can be drawn between Synkopy and Modry Efekt, not the least of which is a penchant for experimentation and bringing other styles (hard rock, blues, powerful rock vocals) into the sound and giving them their own progressive twist. Of course, Synkopy, with two keyboard players (Vesely and Pavel Pokorny), are more keyboard driven than Modry Efekt. Slunecni Hodiny burns with powerful melodic vigor and is considered one of their best! Zrcadla is considered a more direct prog rock album, while Dlouha Noc is more a return to the earlier style.

      I've put them both on ebay. You can find them at:


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