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2642Re: [avant-progressive] Marcoeur

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  • Michael Bohn
    Jul 2, 2001
      I like the album Celui ou'y'a Joseph 1983 a lot !

      I have a cassette tape (Tago Mago label) from 78, where the B-side is Marceur in
      mono ( A-side is This Heat), and I belive the music is made for a film - this is
      short pieces (no vocals) filled with great ideas and great playing - approx. 20
      minutes all together. This period seems very creative - so if I should look for
      more A.M. I would check this period of time.

      Sports et Percussions 1994 is fun with great momemts , but somehow a little 'dry'
      for my taste. The dog walk tune is my favorite.

      Michael Bohn
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