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  • progluvr
    Jun 28, 2014
      MATTIAS OLSSON, a founding member of ANGLAGARD, met DAVID LUNDBERG, keyboardist from GOSTA BERLINGS SAGA, in 2008 while working on GBS's second album. Their discussions of collaboration became reality in 2010 when Olsson and Lundberg began to write and record what would become NECROMONKEY's first release, Necroplex.

      Released in 2013, Necroplex exhibits a unique melding of electronic music, symphonic prog and post rock, created using an array of electronic and acoustic instruments, cutting-edge technology and vintage equipment. This continues with 2014's A Glimpse Of Possible Endings, the first of four new albums.

      At the core of NECROMONKEY's music are the multi-instrumental concoctions of Olsson and Lundberg, spiced and blended with the contributions of guest musicians. The result is an eclectic, cinematic and wide-ranging ride into genuinely progressive territory.

      NECROMONKEY (Sweden) joins THE GALACTIC COWBOY ORCHESTRA (US), LUZ DE RIADA (Mexico) and KOTEBEL (Spain) at ProgDay 2014, the 20th Anniversary of the longest running progressive rock festival in the world.  ProgDay 2014 will take place on Saturday, August 30th, and Sunday, August 31st, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  For more information, and to hear music from this year's bands, please visit us at www.progday.net.

      More bands to be announced soon!
      Tickets are on sale now!