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26026New Amon Düül II, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Can, Re mastered Present, Live Henry Cow

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  • Ian Beabout
    Jun 26, 2014
      Hello everyone!
      On this week's Deep Cuts (6/26), I've yet another eclectic playlist picked out for you!
      First off, I'll have some brand new music from Amon Düül II.  One of the originators of the Krautrock genre, Amon Düül II return in 2014 with a new album entitled Düülirium, which marks their first new release in 20 years. Dark and spacey, the new record sees the reunion of the classic Amon Düül II lineup for this special new release!
      Additionally, I'll be featuring some classic Rock Progressivo Italiano with Il Balletto di Bronzo and their seminal 1972 release, Ys. Ys is a dark, synth-heavy concept album following the story of the last man on earth and his final journey, before being tragically whisked away to the mythical island of Ys.  The album is a psychedelic trip full of doomy, grinding bass, and operatic vocals. An experience like none other!
      On this week's program, you can also expect a continuing tribute to the Canterbury scene in preparation for the upcoming Romantic Warriors III - Canterbury Tales documentary.  The Canterbury scene is known for its very English and psychedelic-tinged lyrical content, along with influences from jazz an popular music. Bands represented on this week's show include Khan and National Health. You can donate to the Romantic Warriors filmmakers here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/romantic-warriors-iii-canterbury-tales-3rd-film-of-the-progressive-music-saga.
      Also on the program, I'll be paying tribute to Krautrock legends Can and their highly influential Eye Bamyasi album.  A followup to the tremendously innovative doube Tago Mago (1971), Ege Bamyasi is slightly less radical, but perhaps more coherent statement from this legendary band that combines electronics, minimalism, and explosive avant garde freak outs!
      You can expect to hear some newly remastered Present.  A 1980's offshoot from RIO pioneers Univers Zero, Present combine the classical leanings of Univers Zero with a more rock edge (as in, guitar up front and lots of solos).  In addition to this, I'll also have some Gentle Giant, Stabat Akish, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Jean-Luc Ponty, and more!
      I'll top it off with a live tribute to the newly reformed Henry Cow who will be performing as part of the Music of Lindsay Cooper festival on November 21-22nd in London. To commemorate this reformation (who saw *that* coming?) I'll be playing a bit of their Concerts LP. More info -  http://serious.org.uk/lindsaycooper.
      Tune in this Thursday for all of this and more!
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