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25995Progscopie 109 on R.I.O.

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  • Progscopie
    Apr 23, 2014
      Progscopie every thursdays at 18h Belgian time!
      On YouFM (around Mons in Belgium at 106.9 MHz or on the web
      in streaming on http://www.youfm.be).
      A special live program is presented every two thursdays.

      The next one will be on the 24
      th of April 2014.
      For this show Progscopiewill present the R.I.O. movement (Rock In Opposition).

      We will listen to:

      Henry Cow: Beautiful As The Moon Terrible As An Army With Banners [Eng]
      Samla Mammas Manna: Ingenting (Nothing)_Liten dialektik (small dialectics) [Swe]
      Univers Zero: Ronde [Bel]
      Etron Fou Leloublan: L'Amulette Et Le Petit Rabbin [Fra]
      Stormy Six: Il Labirinto [Ita]
      Aksak Maboul: DBB (Double Bind Baby)_Cuic steppe [Bel]
      Art Bears: Riddle [Eng]
      Art Zoyd: Brigades Speciales [Fra]
      Present: Repulsion [Bel]

      Replayed the following sunday at 18h Belgian time (so the 27th of April 2014).
      Now the program is available in podcast on the following site:
      Listenable in streaming at:

      Thanks for visiting the facebook page of Progscopie (https://www.facebook.com/progscopie)