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25982-Rock Diner/Paul Sears Radio Hour 03/24/2014: The PLAYLIST!

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  • progluvr
    Mar 23, 2014
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      Please join us on Cable in Northern Virginia or on the internet at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax

      Prog-Rock Diner (Music) with Deb & Paul Sears 03/24/2014 05:00PM to 07:00PM EST

      05:02PM-05:06PM (4:30) Darryl Way “The Pursuit of Pleasure” from The Human Condition (1987) on VIRGIN

      05:06PM-05:10PM (4:06) Darryl Way “Flirtation, Infatuation” from The Human Condition (1987) on VIRGIN

      05:10PM-05:16PM (6:07) Walrus “Coloured Rain” from Walrus (2013) on Electricity

      05:16PM-05:56PM (39:24) Wapassou “La messe en ré mineur” from Messe En Ré Mineur (2009) on Marquee Inc.

      05:56PM-05:58PM (1:55) Von Zamla “Tail of Antsong” from Zamlaranamma (1993) on Resource

      PAUL SEARS Radio HOUR:
      06:02PM-06:18PM (16:25) Present “Vertiges” from Barbaro ma non troppo (2009) on Ad Hoc

      06:18PM-06:29PM (11:25) Present “A Last Drop” from Barbaro ma mon troppo (2009) on Ad Hoc

      06:30PM-06:36PM (6:12) Karda Estra “On Those Cloudy Days” from Mondo Profondo (2013) on Believers Roast / No Image

      06:36PM-06:42PM (5:37) Karda Estra “Mondo Profondo 1” from Mondo Profondo (2013) on Believers Roast / No Image

      06:43PM-06:53PM (10:32) One Shot “Ewaz Vader” from Ewaz Vader (2006) on Le Triton

      06:53PM-06:58PM (4:33) Tony Williams “Two Worlds” from EGO (1999) on Verve