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25929Deep Cuts: Live Rush w/ Strings, The Mars Volta, Necromonkey, Diablo Swing Orchestra

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  • Ian Beabout
    Dec 12, 2013
      Hello everyone …

      Specializing in rare cuts by classic and modern bands, Prog Rock Deep Cuts promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional, and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcasted live every Thursday from 7-10 pm EST on www.progrock.com.
      This week (December 12th), Deep Cuts is proud to present yet another varied playlist.  Though the playlist will ultimately be determined during the show, music in consideration include The Mars Volta's excellent "Frances the Mute" album from 2009, a live cut from Mattias Olsson (ex-Anglagard) and David Lundberg's (Gosta Berlings Saga) new, forward thinking project, Necromonkey - a sort of electronic King Crimson meets Krautrock.  Additionally, tunes from Diablo Swing Orchestra, Steve Hillage, and The Muffins caught my ear as potential Deep Cuts playlist material, as well Zamla Mammaz Manna and their album "FamilyCracks" and some vintage live Frank Zappa.  Lastly, we will top it off with a few cuts from Rush's brand new live release entitled "Clockwork Angels Tour" - with songs from the "Clockwork Angels" album as well as classic Rush tunes supplemented by a string section for the first time in their career.  
      Join us this Thursday on www.progrock.com and chat with us in the chat room for what is promising to be an exciting 3 hour trip through modern and classic progressive music!
      Stream live here: http://www.loudcity.com/stations/progrock-com
      Chat link: http://www.progrock.com/chat.htm
      If you represent a band and are interested in submitting your music for consideration, please send a press kit to:
      Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Beabout
      PO Box 6120
      Wheeling WV, 26003
      Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ProgRockDeepCuts
      Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProgRockDeepCut
      Last week's Setlist:
      From the album Fear Draws Misfortune by Cheer-Accident
      1. Tremors from the Future - Guapo (History of the Visitation)
      2. Wrong but Not False - The Wrong Object (After the Exhibition)
      3. Castle in the Air - Eloy (Floating)
      4. Blue Cheadle - Cheer-Accident (Fear Draws Misfortune)
      5. Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith)
      6. Eat a Bag of DiX - MiRthkon (Snack(s))
      7. Not Coming Down - Sound of Contact (Dimensionaut)
      8. Nutter Alert - Van der Graaf Generator (Present)
      From the featured album "Road Tapes 2 - Live at Finlandia Hall, Finland, August 1973" by Frank Zappa
      9. The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
      10. Kung Fu
      11. Penguin in Bondage
      12. Exercise #4
      13. Dog Breath
      14. The Dog Breath Variations
      15. Uncle Meat
      16. RDNZL
      17. Big Swifty
      18. Farther O'Blivion
      19. Song for Jeffrey (Live) - The Martin Barre Band
      20. Black Satin Dancer - Jethro Tull (Minstrel in the Gallery)
      21. Master Builder - Gong (You)
      22. Interlude / Dive - Cardiacs (A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window)
      23. Spin the Girl - Half Past Four (Good Things)
      24. Sneaky Boy - Richard Thompson (Sweet Warrior)
      25. Egiziaca - Slivovitz (Bani Ahead)
      26. Blood on the Radio - Thank You Scientist (Maps of Non-Existent Places)
      27. Axis of Madness - Forgas Band Phenomenon (Axis of Madness)