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25917Re: [avant-progressive] Goblin ( believe it or not this is not robospam)

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  • Scott Montgomery
    Oct 22, 2013
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      If you are a Goblin fan, this is a rare opportunity...and a "must-see" concert.  I saw them last Tuesday in Denver and LOVED it.  To finally see Goblin after all these years!...and they sure delivered.  Fabulous show.  THey played most of Roller - my favorite album.  Plus, a cavalcade of most of the great/emblematic songs from the various films.  Brilliant playing - all around great.  The images projected behind were more than disturbing and frankly hard for me to wathc (I don't like watching girls being horribly murdered...)  It just brought homw how much I love the music but really hate the genre of giallo horror films...an odd disconnect.  Nonetheless, I found the concert to be superb and absolutely worth it.

      Secret Chiefs 3 opened and were great too - a super double bill.  Enjoy!

      -Scott dada Denver

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      Hello all that is still around,
      I see that the Italian band Goblin is in the middle of a US tour and playing SF in a couple of days with Secret Chiefs 3. They've been getting a fair amount of press lately considering and I even heard them on the radio the other day (KALX). I even dug out Profondo Rosso for a listen. Pretty short, barely 30 minutes.
      Has anybody else seen them yet? Are they worth shelling out 50 bucks for? I think they're opening for Secret Chiefs 3 so they might not have been allotted much time to play. Any insight or opinions welcome,

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