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  • Progscopie
    Oct 8, 2013
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      Progscopie every thursdays at 18h Belgian time!
      On YouFM (around Mons in Belgium at 106.9 MHz or on the web
      in streaming on http://www.youfm.be).
      A special live program is presented every two thursdays.

      The next one will be on the 10
      th of October 2013.

      Theme: Camel

      We will listen to:

      Camel-Never Let Go [s/t; 6'26"]
      Camel-Lady Fantasy [Mirage; 12'45"]
      Camel-Fritha_The snow goose_Friendship_Migration_Rhayader alone [The snow goose; 10'07"]
      Camel-Song within a Song [Moonmadness; 7'16"]
      Camel-One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night [Rain dances; 5'59"]
      Camel-Echoes [Breathless; 7'22"]
      Camel-Docks_Beached [Nude; 7'22"]
      Camel- Drafted [Nude; 4'17"]
      Camel- Ice [I Can See Your House from Here; 10'17"]
      Camel- Needles [Dust and dreams; 2'33"]
      Camel- Rose Of Sharon [Dust and dreams; 4'47"]
      Camel- Three Wishes [Rajaz; 6'59"]
      Camel- For Today [A Nod and a Wink; 10'39"]

      Replayed the following sunday at 18h Belgian time (so the 13th of October 2013).
      Now the program is available in podcast on the following site:

      Thanks for visiting the facebook page of Progscopie (https://www.facebook.com/progscopie)