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25902NEW CD/2Vinyl: NOHOME, "NOHOME" and more - concert announcement

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  • marino pliakas
    Sep 27, 2013
      Dear all,

      please be informed about our next concerts - thank you!

      Sept 28/13 AUT-Innsbruck / KlangspurenFestival, Heart of Noise festival @ p.m.k. : NOHOME
      Sept 29/13 AUT-Vienna / ChelseaClub : NOHOME
      Nov 2/13 AUT-Vienna / Wien Modern Festival, Semperdepot : EnsembleMosaik feat. M.P. playing "time involved in processing" [et.alt.] by Michael Wertmüller
      Nov 10/13 CH-Basel / Theater Basel : "Anschlag",opera by Michael Wertmüller feat. STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND (plus wonderful singers and instrumentalists; after recent sold out Lucerne Festival performance - don't miss it in Basel!)
      Nov 16/13 CH-Zurich / Tage für Neue Musik, Walcheturm : STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND Extended Ensemble playing"Orange Slice" by David Dramm
      Nov 17/13 CH-Bern / Progr: STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND
      Nov 21/13 GER-Regensburg / Leerer Beutel : STEAMBOATSWITZERLAND
      Nov 22/13 AUT-Vienna / Porgy&Bess, Portrait Michael Wertmüller : Ensemble Nikel, 2nd set with STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND
      Nov 23/13 AUT-Vienna / Porgy&Bess, Portrait Michael Wertmüller : Vienna CD release show! STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND play "Zeitschrei" (Trost Records, Vienna)
      Dec 6/13 GER-Berlin / Volksbühne :
      NOHOME feat. FM Einheit (Berlin CD release show! NOHOME, "Nohome" (Trost Records)
      Dec 12/13 CHINA-Shenzhen / festival tba : FULL BLAST
      Dec 13/13 CHINA-Shanghai / festival tba : FULL BLAST [PeterBrötzmann-MarinoPliakas-MichaelWertmüller]
      Dec 14/13 CHINA-Beijing / festival tba : FULL BLAST [PeterBrötzmann-MarinoPliakas-MichaelWertmüller]

      NEW CD/doubleVINYL finally available!

      NOHOME, "NOHOME" (Trost Records, TR119, 2013, CD/2Vinyl)
      CasparBrötzmann: guitar
      Marino Pliakas: ebass
      Michael Wertmüller: drums
      [guest on three and four:
      FM Einheit (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten)]

      1 – one (16:38)
      2 – two (14:59)
      3 – three (12:56)
      4 – four (9:20)

      Recorded live at Radialsystem V, Berlin, August 29th 2012
      Mixed by Ingo Krauss, Candybomber Studios, Berlin, Dec 2013
      Mastered by Martin Siewert (Wien), March 2013
      Available as CD and Double-Vinyl!

      - order from Trost/Substance or directly from the artists (mail[at]marinopliakas.com)

      No one knew what to expect, least of all the three musicians. And that was a good thing, it turned out, when the supernova exploded. The audience was dazed, pinned to their seats in almost religious ecstasy, and the band apparently no less astounded at the eruption of musical genius from their three minds and six hands. An unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime moment pulling after it a tail of inspiration as bright as a comet's. There was the fiery sound that blazed in the night sky over Berlin. There was the dignity with which the three musicians treasured the uniqueness of the moment. There was the ballet of fingers on Pliakas' bass, the ornaments drawn by Wertmüller's drumsticks, Brötzmann's great moment, the pose, almost Ritchie Blackmore-style, that indescribable density of ever more closely interlocking sounds. And the engrossed smile on the lips of the three protagonists who didn't understand what was happening either but who were willing to celebrate it with every cell of their tightly strung bodies. This concert had the appearance of being the beginning of all things.
      It was followed by one further performance in Radialsystem a few weeks later for which the trio were joined by FM Einheit, a special guest who increased the noise factor using railway springs and drills. In the meantime, a name had been settled upon: NoHome, because a home for this kind of music had still to be found.
      Wolf Kampmann)

      NOHOME are:
      Caspar Brötzmann (D), guitar (Massaker; http://www.casparbroetzmannmassaker.com)
      Michael Wertmueller (CH), drums
      , computer (Full Blast, William Parker Trio, Alboth!, 16-17, W2, etc; http://www.michaelwertmueller.com )
      Marino Pliakas (CH/GR), ebass (Full Blast, steamboatswitzerland, sludge 2000 etc.: http://www.marinopliakas.com)

      Just back from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Moers Festival and Incubate Festival Tilburg - our tour is about to continue in Austria and Berlin, more tba!

      And here's some more recent stuff:
      • STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND/ Michael Wertmüller, "Zeitschrei" (Trost Records, TR117, 2013, CD/Vinyl)
        mixed by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire, Erasure etc.)
        art work by Lutz&Guggisberg
        1. häuser.X (4:41)
        2. zeitschrei#I (7:59)
        3. zeitschrei#II (5:57) [free mp3 sample]
        4. zeitschrei#III (9:04)
        5. z.rat I (5:53)
        6. z.ratIII (1:29)
        [free mp3 sample]
        7. z.rat V (2:50)
        Total duration: 37:53
        All compositions by Michael Wertmüller
        The Swiss trio, energetic and innovative border crossers between Hardcore and Avantgarde, plays compositions of Michael Wertmüller (drummer of Peter Brötzmann’s FULL BLAST outfit, former member of Alboth!, 16/17, W2 etc.) – breath-taking, radical, exact.
        The „Hammond Avantcore Trio“ Steamboat Switzerland is a damn wild and absolutely virtuoso band. They tour worlwide and played a wide range of different festivals - from „Donaueschinger Musiktage“ and „Moers Festival“ to Patti Smith's „London Meltdown Festival“ etc.
        The group combines elements from jazz, metal and contemporary scores. The sounds exchange between „Dark Power Ambient“ and „Boulez On The Rocks“. (Eckhart Liess)
      • STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND Extended [Dominik Blum, Marino Pliakas, Lucas Niggli plus 8 winds]/MARC KILCHENMANN: "Sederunt Principes" (CD, D.B.Waves 001, Zurich 2013)
      • FULL BLAST [Peter Brötzmann, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller] [et alt.]: "Full Blast" (on Disc 5). In: Long Story Short, Hg. Peter Brötzmann/Unlimited Wels (5CD Box, Trost Records, Vienna 2013) 
      • FULL BLAST [Peter Brötzmann, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller] & Friends [Ken Vandermark, Thomas Heberer, Dirk Rothbrust]: „Sketches and Ballads" (CD/LP, Trost, TR107, Vienna 2011)
      • FULL BLAST [Peter Brötzmann, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller] + Friends [Keiji Haino, Peter Evans, Mars Williams]: „Crumbling Brain“ (LP, Okka Disc ODL 10011, Chicago 2010)
      • STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND [Dominik Blum, Marino Pliakas, Lucas Niggli]/ FELIX PROFOS: "Get Out of My Room" (CD, GROB 961 , Cologne 2010)
      • FULL BLAST [Peter Brötzmann, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller]: „Black Hole“ / „Live in Tampere“ (2CD, Atavistic Records ALP195CD, Chicago 2009) 
      • RUPP-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER[Olaf Rupp, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller]: " Too Much Is Not Enough" (CD, FMP CD 135, 2009)
      Marino Pliakas