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25801New batch of Soleil Zeuhl releases

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  • Bob Netherton
    Oct 2, 2012
      It's been a bit quiet in these parts, so I thought I would try to kick up a bit
      of conversation :-)

      The new batch of Soleil Zeuhl titles is mind-bogglingly good. If you have not
      picked them up yet, you should.

      Unit Wail - could as easily be called Nuova Guapo as they nail all that is
      brilliant with Five Suns, plus adds some things that are unique. Frank Fromy
      from Shub-Niggurath is the guitarist and there are hints of his former band in

      Corima - outstanding new Zeuhl band out of LA. Released one prior album as a
      three piece (which in Austin) and it had a lot of potential. This one delivers
      the goods. Remember when the Vander clan were young and vibrant - that's what
      you will hear in this new release from Corima. That was not intended to be a
      dig on Magma in any way, I love them to death, especially their last album. But
      there is a mature seriousness in their music right now. Corima is just out
      there having youthful fun doing something that not many other bands can.

      Scherzoo - 02 is an improvement over 01, which was an improvement over Francois
      Thollot's previous solo efforts, which were pretty darn incredible to start
      with. I prefer the other two, but don't forget about this gem.

      Then there are the reissues of Serge Bringolf (Strave) - Visions and the Dun.
      Absolute must owns.